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We learn, work, and sometimes play together. In some ways we’re like family. You can think of it as our family helping yours.


Erin Donahue

Expert Organizer 

Erin loves anything outdoors, even in the summer heat!

Heather Lugo

Project Coordinator

Heather is happiest when she is creating new memories with her family and friends.

Jeremie Barber

Operations Leader

Jeremie starts every day off with a tall Café con Leche.

Joanne Duchrow

Expert Organizer

Joanne enjoys theme parks and baking from scratch.

Kelly Barber, CPO

Regional Leader – South Florida

Kelly thinks that lifting a 95 lb. barbell over and over again is “fun.”

Lori Liebster Abou

Expert Organizer

Lori has been known to tandem bike for the blind.

Sara Schmid

Expert Organizer

Sara loves to create costumes using characterization makeup.