Welcome to Orientation!

If your curious about what Order University is then you are in the right place!

Order University is for all our DIY friends.  Sometimes you want someone else to do things for you, and sometimes you want to tackle the monster on your own.  We get that.  And if that’s you, then Order University is a great place for you to sharpen your organizing skills.

How much is enrollment?

Enrollment for general sessions is always free.

What are general sessions?

General sessions are monthly emails that include a digest of all Order U posts since the last digest as well as bonus tips, behind the scenes information and special offers only available to Order U members! With each email you’ll receive articles and/or video’s from our Certified Expert Organizers® that are packed with organizing tips, tricks and ideas to not only get organized – but to STAY organized.

Will enrollment always be free?

Enrollment for general sessions will always be free.  However, specialized sessions and complete courses will be available at a nominal cost.  Already enrolled students will receive advance notice of upcoming paid sessions and will also receive discounts!

How often will emails be sent out?

Email digests which include all the posts since the last digest are sent out once per month.  You may also receive a new session via RSS feed once per week.

Is my email safe with MeInOrder.com?

Privacy Guarantee: We will never share your e-mail address with anyone else.

No Spam Guarantee: We dislike spam clutter as much as you do!  No worries here!

How else can I receive content from Order U?

Order University and MeInOrder.com are active on various social media platforms.  To learn more about your options please see our post entitled: Getting The Most from Order University.

Have more questions?

Email us at info@meinorder.com.  We are here to help.

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