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Order U is for all our DIY friends.  Sometimes you want someone else to do things for you, and sometimes you want to tackle the monster on your own.  We get that.  And if that’s you, then let me invite you to enroll in Order University.  Enrollment is free and some say the advise is worth the price of admission.  Seriously though, we would love to help you get organized through our free organizing tips and tricks available only through Order University.  Happy Organizing!

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How to Organize Your E-mails

When I first started working in the corporate world, I realized quickly how my wellbeing depended on my email box. I would immediately answer emails as they came in; making myself way too available and at every client’s beck-and-call. I would feel my...

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How to Organize Your Refrigerator Door

Kitchens are high traffic areas and I’m sure we all have a refrigerator door adorned with notes, pictures, Christmas cards, reminders, paperwork and more. One of the ways that clutter builds up is due to collectors’ items. Everyone has their niche; and in...

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Letting Go of Stuff We Love

    Video Transcript: Good morning. So before I head out today, I just wanted to shoot this quick video because I thought it might be beneficial for the Me In Order community. What I want to talk about today is letting go of things that have been in our life...

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How Not to Procrastinate

As I sit down to write this article, I am distracted by my cell phone, the television, my dog, and everything else in the world. It is so hard nowadays to put your life on pause and completely focus on the task at hand…especially when there are so many...

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How to Organize Your Holiday Decorations

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. Decorating your home for the holiday season is one of the most treasured traditions in our culture. We know how difficult it is to store and keep track of your holiday decorations: ornaments are overflowing and...

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How to Get Organized for Thanksgiving

Listen up, all you turkeys! You don’t want to wait until the last minute to get organized for Thanksgiving this year.  The holidays are stressful enough without waiting until the day before to prepare…especially if you are hosting dinner at your house. Let...

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Death Cleaning 101

Death cleaning is the latest talk in the world of expert organizers. Sounds appropriate for Spooky-Halloween-Time…right? To be honest, I’m not too crazy about the name; but the actual concept of death cleaning is a good one that we, as adults can...

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Refrigerator Organizing Tips

There are many things to consider before we store our food in the refrigerator…. Store food in ways to prevent cross-contamination. (wrap food properly and store in air tight containers). Label your prepared food with name of product and date, that will...

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How to Organize Yourself for a Busy Week

September has been one hectic month; the school year started, holiday season is around the corner, and Hurricane Irma has left the building. It is now time to get your life back together. The best way to combat a busy and stressful week is to stop, take a...

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Kelly Barber’s Top 7 Organizing Tips for After the Storm

Getting back to having a sense of normalcy after a hurricane can be tough. The following is our very own Kelly Barber’s list that she compiled to help us get back into the swing of daily life once again. 1. Take the shutters off the windows. Allow the sun...

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Bringing Organization to the Bathroom

A bathroom is a bathroom; no need to organize it…right? Wrong. The bathroom is the most frequently used room of the house. Some even say you spend as much as 2 ½ years of your life in the bathroom. That’s a lot of time spent in an unorganized area. Here are some good...

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