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Order U is for all our DIY friends.  Sometimes you want someone else to do things for you, and sometimes you want to tackle the monster on your own.  We get that.  And if that’s you, then let me invite you to enroll in Order University.  Enrollment is free and some say the advise is worth the price of admission.  Seriously though, we would love to help you get organized through our free organizing tips and tricks available only through Order University.  Happy Organizing!

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How to Make This Year Better Than Your Last

  Whether you thought 2016 was a good or bad year, the beginning of 2017 is welcomed with positive thoughts and dreams of better things in the future. Do you remember that blissful feeling at the beginning of 2016 too? We do, but unfortunately that bliss...

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How to Give Lasting Gifts

This time every year we fight for a parking spot at our local stores and wait for the overcrowded delivery trucks to bring us anything we could dream of. Though it may be fun to spend time thinking about what you want this year and what you want to give everyone else...

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How to Create a Turkey Day Timeline

If you are hosting a Thanksgiving dinner at your home, it can be very overwhelming. Because this meal traditionally includes a wide variety of appetizers, sides and desserts, figuring out a way to get it all done in one day seems impossible. That is why we’re here to...

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Why Moving Your Clutter is Costly

If you are in the process of moving, you know it can be expensive, even if you are just moving around the corner. Though some costs of moving are inevitable, there are some things you can do to help keep the cost down and it’s as simple as clearing out your clutter....

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What to Expect from Your First Session?

Now that you have decided that you need an expert organizer, have selected your organizer, and prepared yourself and your home, it is time to learn what to expect from your first session. You may be feeling anxious or excited about your upcoming session, so we want to...

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Clutter Consequences that May Surprise You

We are true believers that order brings peace, but what are the other benefits of being organized? Having peace in your life is great, but what if we told you that order promotes a healthier lifestyle. We have talked previously about how your clutter is costing you,...

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How to Prepare Yourself for Your First Organizing Session

In the last lesson we talked about how to prepare your home for your first organizing session but today we are going to have a look at how to prepare yourself for the session. The more you can prepare before, the smoother the session will go. For many of our clients...

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Are You Over Organizing?

We have all seen pictures of spaces that are perfectly organized, places where everything matches and nothing is out of place, but when does it go from being organized to being OVER organized? As you would imagine, there are various levels of organization. We touch on...

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How to Prepare Your Home for Your First Organizing Session

A lot of clients get nervous about having an expert organizer come into their home and they always ask, what should I do before my first appointment and our answer is always, nothing! Preparing for an expert organizer is not like preparing for your cleaning service or...

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The Minimalist Mindset

As the tiny house movement continues, more and more people are asking themselves, could I do that? Would I be able to fit all my belongings into that tiny space and still be happy? Your personal answer may be a yes or no, but we could all learn from these tiny home...

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What Questions to Ask While Interviewing Expert Organizers

Now that you have considered hiring an expert organizer and have an idea about what you want to accomplish with your organizing project, let’s talk about what you need to know about your organizer. We talked before about the different types of organizing companies...

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How to Sell Your Unwanted Items

It is no secret that we all have things laying around our house that we no longer use. Some of these items may still be in good condition, maybe even never used. Once you have decided that you would like to try to sell these items to see if you can get some of their...

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