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April is the time to celebrate the beauty that this new season brings. 

While we enjoy more time out in the sun, increasing temperatures, and blooming flowers, we can also start just as fresh as this new season. 

Spring cleaning is the perfect way to ring in the month of April. And, who else to help you clean out the clutter than an Expert Organizer?

Nancy is a Me In Order™ Tampa Expert Organizer and the perfect person to help you begin anew this season. After majoring in Apparel at Rhode Island School of Design and spending 12 years in the fashion industry, Nancy realized the long hours and high stress of her design career were not leading to any sense of fulfillment. 

In 2011, she had the epiphany that her obsession with organization and efficiency is what has made her so successful in all her past career positions. She also realized that it was a skill she wanted to use for helping other people. Soon after, she quit her full-time position, left New York, and began to soul search for her true calling.


Q1) How did you first realize organizing was something you wanted to do professionally?

Nancy: I attribute a lot of my success in past jobs to my organizational skills. I’ve helped a lot of companies become more efficient and productive in measurable ways, which was very satisfying. I began to find that the other parts of the job weren’t nearly as interesting to me as my desire to organize everything. I looked around and saw the potential for everything in the business to run more effectively with the help of better organization–whether it was data or the physical office space. Honestly, for most of my life, it had never occurred to me that other people struggled to be organized and that it was an actual skill that I could use to help people. Somewhere around 2011, I started to give serious consideration to how I could switch into organizing as a career.


Q2) Was it difficult to get started in organizing?

Nancy: In terms of launching the business itself, getting started in organizing is relatively easy because there is very little overhead. I found that the actual organizing sessions came very naturally to me as well. The most challenging part starting out is finding the clients. As an organizer, I am often working in some of the more intimate spaces in someone’s home, during what is potentially a very vulnerable time for them. There needs to be a level of trust by the client to bring an outside professional into their world and make the progress that they want to see. That’s why word of mouth becomes important because it often helps someone to feel more comfortable that a friend, family member, or coworker has already trusted me with their project and gotten results.


Q3) What has been your favorite experience so far working with Me In Order?

Nancy: I’ve enjoyed being able to work as a team on larger projects with Me In Order. It’s nice to feel like in a team, you can bounce ideas off each other, and come up with a plan to conquer the space together. It can be overwhelming to tackle that kind of project alone.


Q4) If you could offer advice for anyone striving to become an organizer, what would that be?

Nancy: I would tell them that being able to organize is only part of the job. A large part of the job is actually being a good listener and having compassion. Often people are reaching out to a professional to help them get organized because of a major change in their life–whether it’s a death in the family, a medical procedure, moving to a new home, a weight gain/loss, or a change in a relationship. The client may open up about some of these things, and it’s important to make them feel seen and heard. It’s part of the mental process of them being willing to move forward with the project.


Q5) If you had the opportunity to organize for anyone dead or alive who would it be and why?

Nancy: I’m a big fan of Chelsea Handler and apparently, she is very candid about her messiness. I feel like helping her get organized would include a lot of laughing and practical jokes

Nancy is an example of an experienced, passionate worker with one goal in mind: helping others. Thankfully, with the help of Me In Order, she has every opportunity to do so! 

Want to know more about Expert Organizer Nancy? Click here to get to know Nancy and schedule a consultation!



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