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Spring is almost here, which means it’s time to do what we do best – spring cleaning!

While most groan and detest at the thought of digging through closets and cabinets, the experts at Me In Order relish the chance to chase after our passion known as organizing. Spring allows us to begin anew, and it also gives us the opportunity to do what we love most – create order and peace for our customers. 

One person we want to show off this spring is none other than our expert organizer, Rhonda. Our Tampa organizer is the epitome of confidence, positivity, and strength – everything we strive to be for the new season of spring!

It goes without saying that Rhonda has been an enormous asset to our team of organizers. Join us in congratulating Rhonda by learning about her organizing journey below: 


Q1) How did you first get into organizing?

Rhonda: When I was a kid, I always liked having all my toys and stuff put away a certain way. And that kind of evolved as I got older, so by the time I was in the military, I was sought after to help organize different division’s paperwork and office setup. 


Q2) What is your favorite part about being a professional organizer?

Rhonda: I love that sparkle and smile a client gets when a project is done. As tired as I may be after a full-day session, the smile and sense of accomplishment that someone has, re-energizes me and reminds me that I am making a difference and helping someone.


Q3) What is your most fond memory of organizing?

Rhonda: I spent a whole day organizing a client’s living room so she could enjoy reading her books and relax in the space she spent most of her time in. When I walked in, I immediately knew what needed to be done and got to work. She had struggled for years to declutter her living room, and a couple of hours later, it was done. It felt so good to see how happy she was. I am so grateful to bring some happiness and peace to someone else’s life.


Q4) What is something you wish you could go back and tell yourself when you first started organizing?

Rhonda: Have more confidence in yourself and understand that my mission is to help everyone organize and declutter their life so they can find peace, just as I have.


Q5) If you could offer any advice to someone considering becoming a professional organizer, what would it be?

Rhonda: You have what it takes to make a massive difference in someone’s life, and never forget that. You may go into a space and immediately see that you need to rearrange these books a certain way, so it changes the whole look and feel of the room, and it can create such joy for your client. You have a skill; use it to create peace for others

Rhonda is just one example of how you can truly put your mind to a task and accomplish it with confidence and strength. We are so proud to have her a part of the Me In Order team, and we look forward to tackling spring with her by our side.

Want to learn more about our expert organizer Rhonda? Click here to get to know Rhonda and schedule a consultation!



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