Code of Ethics - Me In Order

Me In Order™ Code of Ethics

Last Updated: May 10, 2022

Everyone who is part of a Me In Order community is considered to be part of an elite team of experts in their respective fields. It is important that we maintain this level of excellence through full compliance of community policies, procedures and guidelines. Below is the Me In Order community code of conduct for every teammate.

Client Confidentiality:

    • I will keep confidential all client information, including information that may be revealed by other teammates.
    • I will use proprietary client information only with the client’s permission.
    • I will protect our client’s information, taking special care with addresses, social security numbers, financial information, account numbers and the like.

Me In Order Confidentiality:

    • I will protect all Me In Order confidential information and trade secrets as defined by the Confidentiality Agreement.
    • I will not disclose confidential information and trade secrets as defined by the Confidentiality Agreement.
    • I will promptly notify my team leader of any observed violations of Me In Order’s confidential information or trade secrets policies, procedures, agreements and guidelines.

Working with Clients:

    • I will make every effort to be on time to all client sessions and MiO events.
    • I will be positive, and solution oriented at all times.
    • I will be fully present with clients and teammates, and not be distracted by my smartphone or discuss personal issues with the client while they should be focused on their results.
    • I will promptly notify my team leader of any illegal or unethical conduct by any teammate.
    • I will create order and bring peace to our clients while making the organizing process fun.

Working with the Me In Order Organizing Community:

    • I will not engage in conduct or activity that would call into question Me In Order’s integrity, professionalism, brand, or reputation of excellence.
    • I will protect all Me In Order, and client assets and use them only for appropriate business-related activities.
    • I will not engage in any activity that might create a real or perceived conflict of interest for Me In Order or me.

Personal Integrity:

    • I will honor my commitment to all Me In Order communities by taking personal ownership of my work and making every effort to maintain Me In Order’s standard of excellence in all that I do.
    • I will deal fairly in all interactions with teammates, clients, vendors, and MiO Central community members.
    • I will treat all teammates, clients, vendors and MiO Central community members with dignity and respect.
    • I will not act in a judgmental manner towards any client for their disorganization.