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Celebrating 17 Years of Organizing

Me In Order Certified Expert Organizers® are the trusted source for the very best in the organizing industry. Get to know our Expert Organizers, find the best organizer in a location near you, and get started on your new organizing journey. Ready to meet the experts? Read on for your perfect fit now!
Adrianne Skrzypek Expert Organizer

Adrianne Skrzypek

Expert Organizer

If you see Adrianne at a restaurant, you might catch her arranging the tables sugar packet caddie.

Rating  |  0 Reviews  |  0 Achievement Badges

Gisselle Zepeda - Expert Organizer

Caron Poole

Certified Expert Organizer®

Caron's natural organizing skills have been fine tuned over the years while moving and downsizing from state to state.

5.0  Rating  |  9 Reviews  |  2 Achievement Badges

Elena Granados Expert Organizer

Elena Granados

Expert Organizer

When Elena isn't organizing, you'll probably find her doing something fun outside.

Rating  |  0 Reviews  |  0 Achievement Badges

Kimberly Collins Expert Organizer

Kimberly Collins

Certified Expert Organizer®

Kimberly discovered her love for organizing while sharing a room with her younger sister.

5.0  Rating  |  6 Reviews  |  2 Achievement Badges

Selah Brown - Expert Organizer

Selah Brown

Certified Expert Organizer®

Selah's middle name should be "Resourceful," as she has a knack for problem solving.

5.0 Rating  |  7 Reviews  |  2 Achievement Badges

Vanessa Spielman

Certified Expert Organizer®

Vanessa loves being in nature and sunshine, cooking, dog-sitting and spending time with her adorable niece, family, and friends.

4.9  Rating  |  65 Reviews  |  4 Achievement Badges

Jamie Baron Expert Organizer

Jamie Baron

Certified Expert Organizer®

Jamie's organizing career started when, as a teenager, she got in trouble for leaving her room a disaster.

5.0  Rating  |  7 Reviews  |  2 Achievement Badges

Ashley Aybar Expert Organizer

Ashely Aybar

Expert Organizer

Ashley discovered her passion for organizing while working in the fashion industry.

5.0  Rating  |  3 Reviews  |  1 Achievement Badges

Emily Scofield

Certified Expert Organizer®

Emily's passion for organizing started way before she even knew what to call it. 

5.0  Rating  |  9 Reviews  |  3 Achievement Badges

Gisselle Zepeda - Expert Organizer

Gisselle Zepeda

Expert Organizer

Gisselle's natural organizing skills were fine tuned while working aboard several yachts.

5.0  Rating  |  1 Reviews  |  1 Achievement Badges


Joanna Heyman

Certified Expert Organizer®

Joanna loves talking about plants.

5.0 Rating  |  42 Reviews  |  6 Achievement Badges

Joanne Duchrow

Certified Expert Organizer®

Joanne enjoys theme parks and baking from scratch.

5.0 Rating  |  114 Reviews  |  9 Achievement Badges

Kelly Barber

Certified Expert Organizer®

Kelly thinks that lifting a 95 lb. barbell over and over is "fun."

5.0 Rating  |  140 Reviews  |  12 Achievement Badges

Michelle Wright Expert Organizer

Michelle Wright​

Expert Organizer

Two things that make Michelle smile are new adventures and organizing for others.

Rating  |  0 Reviews  |  0 Achievement Badges

Marisel Gutierrez Expert Organizer

Marisel Gutierrez​

Expert Organizer

Dancing, donuts and divine order bring joy to Marisel!

Rating  |  0 Reviews  |  0 Achievement Badges

Ruth Wolcott

Certified Expert Organizer®

Ruth enjoys refinishing furniture and participating in women’s ministries at her church.

4.9  Rating  |  16 Reviews  |  5 Achievement Badges

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We learn, work, and sometimes play together. In some ways we’re like family. You can think of it as our family helping yours.

The Central Support Team:

Jeremie Barber

Business Development Leader

Jeremie starts every day off with a tall Café con Leche.

Kelly Barber

Mentorship Leader

Kelly thinks that lifting a 95 lb. barbell over her head over and over again is “fun.”

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