Proven Expert Organizers getting your home in order when life happens.

Me In Order is an organizing agency known for being the trusted source with our Expert Organizers. We represent the very best in the organizing industry offering in-home organizing services by 5-star rated Certified Expert Organizers®.

We believe that everyone needs the help of an organizer when life becomes overwhelming, and we are here to help. Me In Order will help you sort, make decisions, and create organizing solutions that are tailored to your needs and are easy to maintain.

All Me In Order Certified Expert Organizers are:

    • Hand selected
    • Thoroughly screened
    • Mentored
    • Educated & Certified through Order University®
    • Meet annual continuing education requirements
    • Insured, licensed and bonded
    • Maintain at least 4 out of 5 star ratings

Our Services

Home Organization

Hands-on Services

(we do the work for you)

Me In Order Experts are Hands-on. Yes, we do consulting too, but most of our clients want the work done for them.




…and all your other favorite spaces.

Moves & Relocations

De-clutter and Donate Service (before the move)

Pre-Move Planning: We help you make sense of what you have and how it will work in your new home. Furniture placement and storage space are almost never the same from one home to another, we’ll help you plan what to take and how to manage what is left.

De-clutter & Donate: We will help you sort through the items in your home – helping you make decisions on what to keep, donate, sell and toss. Our goal in this phase of the move is to ensure that what goes to your new home is what you want to go to your new home and nothing else. We will coordinate and manage the donation service providers you need to dispose of unused or unwanted items, so that your former home is completely cleaned out once the moving truck has left the home. This process will also save you between 5 and 15% on the cost of your move by reducing the weight of the relocation truck.

Moving Company Coordination: We will contact the movers directly and coordinate their delivery schedule with our team of Experts for your Settle-In service.

Settle-In Service (when the moving truck arrives)

Organizing-Services-Moving-TruckOn Moving Day:  We will direct the movers to ensure maximum safety and efficiency, while they place your furniture in your new space according to your requests. This includes the loading and unloading of boxed items in a logical sequence for efficient unpacking.

Settle-In Service:  As your moving truck is unloaded our team will get right to work unpacking and organizing your new home. Here are the details of our Settle-In Service:

  • Unpack all your boxes
  • Unwrap all your items
  • Notate anything that is broken so that you can get a claim started right away with the movers
  • Wipe out cabinets and shelving as needed
  • Apply shelf liners
  • Put away all of your items in a practical, methodical and organized manner – ensuring that everything has a “home” in your new space
  • Make beds, arrange furniture, put up shower curtains, set clocks, etc.
  • Arrange and organize closets and cabinets
  • Flatten boxes and packing material and then arrange them in the garage for pick-up.
Corporate Services

Me In Order™ partners with corporations, relocation management companies, and van-lines to ensure that their employee’s and clients have an unparalleled moving experience.

Me In Order™ helps simplify the moving process by providing pre-move De-clutter & Donate Service and post-move Settle-In Service.

Our complete My Move In Order service is the perfect solution for the those that need to quickly get productive at work without the worry of the move.

Our services also reduce relocation costs. Call today to learn how: 866-971-1113.

Circumstances We Serve 

Circumstantial Organizing

Life sometimes sends us circumstances that cause chaos and overwhelm. Even the most organized people sometimes need outside help. We get that.

Here are the most common circumstances we help our clients through:

Change In Household
Death in the Family
Illness, Injury or Disability
Lifestyle Change
New Marriage
New Baby
Remodeling Project

We’re ready to help you through your circumstance.


Our Process


We have 3 easy ways for you to get started:

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Introductory Session

Dive In! Start getting organized with our Introductory Session.

During this session we will:

  • Complete a hands-on Assessment.
  • Establish goals with you for the session and project.
  • Get right to work. You WILL see results in your first session. Guaranteed.

Goal Completion

We continue organizing to your desired level of organization using our proven 5-step process.

  1. Sort
  2. Decide
  3. Plan
  4. Contain
  5. Label

You are always in control when it comes to how much time and money you invest into our services.

We have a passion for people and order and are here to serve you!


Enjoy the organization we’ve created by maintaining it on your own (we’ll show you how), or have us maintain it for you.

With the Me In Order Membership you get 4 hours per month with your favorite Expert Organizer.

It’s the best (and most affordable) way to stay organized! Learn More

Service Details

Visa MasterCard American Express Discover Cards

For your convenience we accept all major credit cards, personal checks and cash. Payment is collected at the end of each organizing session.   

Expert Organizer Teammate      $60.00 / Hour / Each Teammate

Shopping Services                     $60.00 / Hour

Donation Delivery                       $60.00 / Hour

On-Site Assessment                  2 Hours of Service

These are the Me In Order terms of service for hands-on organizing help:  

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We believe that you will love our Professional Organizing Services so much that we guarantee it.  If within the first hour of the first session you are not completely satisfied with our service, simply let us know and the session is free — It’s okay, we’ll still be friends.


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