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Me In Order is the first all-in-one back-office platform designed by and for organizers. We handle all of your administration, marketing, and client support. We also provide best in class field support, education, certifications, and a community of like-minded Experts. There is no better way to be in the organizing industry today.

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We have a battle cry around here. We say, “Together We Can Do More!” Why? Because we believe that going at it alone in this business is what’s holding us all back. Through the years we’ve acquired several organizing businesses from those that were doing it alone and learned a few things about the reality of the industry. Honestly, we weren’t happy with what we found, and so we decided to do something about it.

Rather than having to figure out how to run a business while becoming the best professional organizer you can be, we’ve made it so that you can focus on doing what you love while we do the rest.


Here’s how:


Do you detest paperwork? Do you dread the backend work that comes with your organizing business? Don’t you wish you could just work your organizing magic and then go home? Well, you can.

Without having a robust system in place there is quite a bit of paperwork involved in serving your clients. Without the proper systems in place things fall through the cracks. Not with us! We’ve created our own simple solution for keeping all of your clients, sessions and activities organizied, and best of all, it all runs on your smartphone. 

Our team here at “Me In Order Central” will deal with the scheduling, the follow-ups, the reviews, the marketing, and the backend process that you don’t have the time nor expertise to handle. You should be in front of the client, doing what you do best, and you shouldn’t have to worry about the business side of things. Let us set you up for success while you develop relationships and provide spectacular service. Let us worry about the rest!


When you hear “marketing” do you internally scream? Marketing can consist of so many things; social media, online exposure, ads, PR, and more. It’s enough to make your head spin!

Leave the marketing to us. We will use our expert marketing team and our 15+ years in the industry to make sure your skills are put in front of the right person at the right time. 

Me In Order provides robust marketing exposure through our online properties and partnerships while using proven marketing strategies implemented in your area. No longer will you worry about getting your name out there – we’ll handle all your on-line marketing needs so you can focus on your clients!

Field Support

Don’t worry – we’re not just going to throw you in the water and expect you to swim! Me In Order offers first class field support so you can feel confident while working in the field. You will always have backup from the team at Central and from your community of Experts. We are with you every step of the way, from your first client checkout to your 100th five-star review and everything in-between. 

Client Support

We know you would rather organize than deal with customer service. Some people are made for it, and some people aren’t – and that’s okay!

Maintaining client relationships is a huge part of our industry. We know you have enough on your plate, so let us provide exceptional customer service to lock-in your potential clients and keep continued business running smoothly.  While you are organizing in the field we’ll sell your services to your leads, schedule clients for you, answer their questions and ensure that they feel supported even though you are not available for them at the moment. This is much more than a simple answering service. This is having industry leaders working on your behalf to provide exceptional service to your potential and current clients. 


We offer more than just a professional organizing certification. At Me In Order, we have a passion for People and Order. Our second passion is for Education. We are always learning and improving – it’s one of our Core Values! One of the essential elements of the Me In Order platform is the education that we make available to our community. Education begins with self-paced online courses, and continues with monthly peer-to-peer Workshops hosted by Me In Order. 

Education through Me In Order includes:

  • Online Classroom Education
  • Field Experience
  • Mentorship
  • Certification
  • Achievement Badges
  • And much more. We are always learning and improving.


Certification is defined as “the action or process of providing someone or something with an official document attesting to a status or level of achievement.” Clients are always looking for organizers that have experience and certifications. People choose to work with Me In Order Certifed Expert Organziers® because of our reputation of excellence. Our clients know that any organier they choose to work with from the Me In Order platform has been thoroughly vetted, certified, and maintains the level of excellence required to be a Certified Expert Organizer®. To learn more about our Certification process follow this link. 


Join a team of like-minded people who are striving to provide peace and order to an otherwise chaotic world. Our mission is to come together as a community to accomplish more than what we can do on our own. Our community includes monthly workshops where you can connect, offer support, and work together to accomplish your goals as an Expert Organizer. Plus, our team of organizers is some of the most hardworking, fun-filled group of people we’ve ever met! You are sure to love them just as much as we do!

Who Should Organize With Us

Me In Order is for everyone that has a passion for order and people! 

It’s for those that already have a full client list and those that are just starting out.  Our unique platform is perfect for anyone who wants to focus on their clients while operating at a level of excellence that can only be achieved through a group effort. 

We are always looking for people who:

  • Share our passion for people and order
  • Are always learning and improving
  • Are naturally detail oriented
  • Are compassionate towards others
  • Are always striving for excellence

If this describes you, then we want to hear from you!

Who We Are

We are a Community.

We learn together, we work together, and sometimes we play together.  We have a passion for people and order that binds us together. We are a community of dedicated Expert Organizers that believe that Together We Can Do More™ for our clients, for our community, or families and for ourselves.  We are a tribe that believes that order brings peace. We know that our work is meaningful and that our impact is huge.

We are Experts. 

The process for joining Me In Order™ is rather extensive. This is intentional as our proven process ensures that only the very best in the industry receives the distinguished honor of being a Me In Order, Certified Expert Organizer®.

Our process entails the following:

  • Introductions
  • Discovery
  • Education
  • Integration
  • Certification

Me In Order provides everything you need to operate your organizing business at a level of excellence that is just not possible on your own. Your expertise will shine as you gain momentum as a leader in the industry. What’s more, every Me In Order, Certified Expert Organizer® has a team of office support that ensures that everything is running smoothly for them behind the scenes.

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We are a Platform & Marketplace.

Me In Order is a full-service Professional Organizing platform and marketplace designed so that you can do what you love. We’ve learned that doing it on your own means spending roughly half your work hours doing activities that aren’t productive for clients and are not hours that can be billed. As a Me In Order Expert Organizer, you get to focus on your clients and continuing education, while we focus on all the activities that make you shine! This way you can focus on what you truly love to do while we do the sales, marketing, client services, and administration at an unparalleled professional level. Me In Order Expert Organizers also enjoy unique environments for true collaboration, learning, and camaraderie. Together we create the very best that the organizing industry has to offer. We look forward to hearing from you.

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