Expert Organizers Need Organizing Help, Too - Me In Order

Many would say that the people who need organizing help are not organized people. However, this is often far from the truth. In fact, even expert organizers sometimes need the help of other expert organizers. It may sound weird, but it’s true!

In today’s post, I would like to dispel the myth that only “cluttered” people need organizing help. The way I will do this is by sharing with you my recent personal experience with an expert organizer.

Here’s my story.

As you might guess, I am a very organized person. I always have been. Once as a toddler, my mom found me in her closet arranging her shoes. After all, being organized is one of the things that sparked the idea of getting into the organizing industry to begin with.

As you can imagine, organization is a top priority in my home and in my business. Yet, organizing takes work. Just like anything else, you have to prioritize organization in order for it to exist in your life. With so many things to organize in our product and paper inflated society, it can be difficult to make all of your organizing projects a priority. Time, after all, is one of our most important and limited resources. Yet, even with the right organizing genes and even being married to another expert organizer, I still sometimes need an expert to help me with my organizing projects.

Here’s how that recently played out.

I’ve wanted to go paperless with our filing system for some time, but prioritizing this goal in order to get it done had been a challenge. So, I decided to be intentional about it and finally get some help since I was obviously having trouble getting it done on my own. I decided to do what our clients do. I picked up the phone and scheduled an appointment with an expert organizer!

Before my Expert Organizing Session last Friday, my business was approximately 95% paperless with all of our important paper being scanned into our digital filing system. However, this was not the case for my personal files. Even though we had a very organized paper filing system, we had not yet prioritized converting our paper files over to a digital format (which is what I ultimately really wanted). I had been meaning to get to this organizing project for over a year, but could never find the time to do it. Sure, I talked about it, but it had been a year and still it wasn’t done. I finally prioritized it and got it on the calendar.

The experience was amazing!

Just scheduling the appointment was a breath of fresh air. Knowing that soon the project would be taken care of was already a huge relief.

The day of the appointment was even more exciting. Now, I realize that I’m an organizing nerd, so I may have been a little more excited than others, yet I still had the sense that I was experiencing something similar to what our clients experience. “Today is the day that the project finally get’s done,” I said to myself, and it felt great!

Then our digital expert organizer, Moriah, arrived at my home and began scanning my family’s documents and creating our own personal digital filing system. Throughout the session I saw the filing cabinet get emptier. The project was finally getting done!

When the session was over, we had half of the personal files taken care of, and with one more session, we would be completely done. Done is the keyword here. Done! After a year of putting it off, I was finally getting the project done!

All I needed was to be intentional about it. I needed to get “organizing” on the calendar and delegate it to an expert that could do it better and faster than me. Even the pros need the pros to get some stuff done!

This won’t be the only time that we get expert organizing help. We plan to move soon and will be hiring some of my company’s teams to help us unpack and organize us into our new home.

Perhaps through my experience, I have shed a light on this myth that organizing is for clutter bugs. It’s really for everyone, regardless of how organized you currently are. Remember, organizing is a journey not a destination, and we can all use some help along the way. Hiring an expert to help you with your organizing projects really is something that everyone can benefit from, even the organizing experts themselves.


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