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Meet Amanda.  Amanda is working hard to get organized. She knows that organizing is more of a journey than a destination, so she is always looking for tips and tricks to help her get and stay organized.  She loves what she is learning through Order University, but she is not quite sure about all the different ways she can learn and interact with Order U.  Amanda, this post is for you!

There are many different ways to learn and interact with Order University and  Below you will find what you can expect from us and where you may want to get plugged in.

The Weekly Post

Every week we post a new article to the website.  This article is available via RSS feed as soon as it is posted.  Simply add us to your RSS feed reader and you’ll receive our posts as soon as they are available.  You can join our RSS feed by clicking Here.

Not sure what RSS is?  No problem.  Here is a link that explains it nicely.

 The Monthly Recap Email

Once a month we email a recap or digest version of all the articles that have been posted through Order University since the last email digest.  If you subscribe to Order U then you already receive this email.  We believe that this is the best way to receive the content provided by Order U since you not only get the posts in the email but you also get some added content from social media as well as some special offers that are not available anywhere else.  Not signed up for Order U yet?  Click Here to sign up.


Facebook is where our main social media presence is.  We post all of our weekly posts on Facebook as well as some tips and tricks that are either too small for a complete article or just plain fun.  If you are already on Facebook you will want to have us in your news feed as well. Have you liked us on Facebook yet?  Here’s a link to our page: Me In Order on Facebook


We like to say that we live on Facebook but vacation on Twitter.  We post all of our weekly posts on Twitter but not much else.  Twitter is where you will want to go if you already browse Twitter and want to catch our articles periodically. Click Here to visit us on Twitter.


This is where we live on video.  We don’t have a huge library yet but it’s growing.  If you want to see us in live Technicolor then you will want to subscribe to our YouTube channel.  Just go to


Want to go backstage with Me In Order and Order University?  This is the place to do it!  We have devoted all of our Instagram posts to behind the scenes images of our team and our work.  Check it out:


Pinterest is full of beautiful images of organized spaces as well as some images that demonstrate fantastic organizing ideas, tips and tricks.  We have categorized our favorite organizing pins into separate boards that contain pins related to the same type of organizing.  Yes, the pins are organized! You can follow us here:

We hope that this post brings some order to how you receive our organizing tips, tricks and ideas. We love to help wherever we can, so feel free to post your organizing questions on the platform of your choice.  We believe that if you have a question then someone else probably does too — so go ahead and ask!  We are always excited to be able to help you with your organizing dilemmas.  It’s what we love to do!

Until next time, Happy Organizing!