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Do you know what really gets us in the holiday spirit? 

No, not organizing closets.

No, not sorting through old books and newspapers.

And no, not categorizing clothing by season.

While yes, we adore all the above, there is one thing that truly makes the holidays worth it in our eyes: being grateful.

We are grateful for our clients, for our business, and for being given the opportunity to truly help others. But most of all, we are thankful for the incredible team of organizers that we get to serve. Seeing them succeed is the reason why we do what we do. We share their passion for people and love that we get to help them be the very best that our industry has to offer. They are the “mojo” of our business, and we are so grateful 365 days a year – not just the holiday season!

We are especially thankful for new members who make the decision to join our team. We welcome new organizers with open arms, and we love adding to our growing community. Vania, one of our newest Expert Organizers, has been taking Me In Order by storm. Join us in welcoming Vania to the team and congratulating her on being our featured Organizer of the Month!


Q1.) Describe the onboarding process for becoming an Expert Organizer with Me In Order. How was your experience?

Vania: My experience with onboarding with Me In Order went pretty smoothly. Jeremie was always willing to answer any questions I had and be the support I needed throughout the whole process. 


Q2.) What made you decide that you wanted to become an Expert Organizer with Me In Order?

Vania: I decided I wanted to become an Expert Organizer with M.I.O. when I decided I was ready for a career change and came across their website. Getting educational information and training via Order University caught my attention. 


Q3.) What do you look forward to most in your new role?

Vania: I look forward to turning my passion into my full-time career, so I get paid to do what I love! 


Q4.) What has been your favorite thing so far as an Expert Organizer?

Vania: My favorite thing as an Expert Organizer is seeing what a positive impact I can have in people’s homes and people’s lives. 


Q5.) What advice do you have for those aiming to enter the organizing industry?

Vania: My advice for those aiming to enter the organizing industry would be to follow your passion. If it is something you really love to do, definitely pursue it. 


We are so grateful to have Vania join our community of Expert Organizers and we are looking forward to her clients seeing all the amazing skills she brings to the table. We can’t wait to see her grow, succeed, and have the opportunity to do what she loves in the organizing industry. Welcome to the team, Vania and we are so thankful to have you!

Want to know more about Expert Organizer Vania? Click here to get to know Vania and schedule a consultation today!

And, if you want to be like Vania, contact Me In Order today! Get started on your new chapter as an Expert Organizer and start finding your way in the organizing industry. Want to learn more? Click Here!



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