To Make the Bed or To Not Make the Bed - Me In Order
We are sure you have seen articles circling social media and the web about whether or not it is a good thing to make your bed in the morning. Some articles suggest that making your bed in the morning locks in moisture and will increase the amount of dust mites in your mattress. Though researchers have suggested that not making the bed MIGHT help lessen the amount of mites in your bed, there are other ways to help keep your bed bug free that still allow you to have a nicely made bed.

Here are some reasons why you should make your bed:

  1. It keeps your room clean

Picking up the pillows from the floor will help you keep other things of the floor as well. As you are picking up the pillows and putting them in their place, try to make a habit of picking up other things that have ended up on the floor that don’t necessarily belong there like dirty clothes. Making your bed will also help keep your sheets dust and pet hair free.

  1. It will help you sleep better

A study by the National Sleep Foundation found that people who reported making their beds every day or almost every day also said they get good night sleep most of the time (link to study). Who doesn’t love the feeling of getting into a freshly made bed?

  1. It will start your day off on the right foot

Do you ever have those mornings where nothing seems to go right and your whole day is thrown off? Having a morning routine can help balance the rest of your day. Allowing yourself to get up and get a fresh start every morning will help your whole day run more smoothly. Also, when you get home from a long day, walking into a tidy room will help you feel relaxed.

  1. It will make you happier

You bought those gorgeous decorative pillows and duvet cover because you liked the way they look but they are not serving their purpose by sitting on the floor. Making your bed and displaying the items you bought will put a smile on your face each time you walk into the room.

We know that there are dust mites living in our home so here are some ways to keep your bed clear of dust mites:

  1. Wash your sheets.

This is a given, but make sure to wash your sheets at least every other week. Use water that is over 130 degrees in order to kill the dust mites.

  1. Replace your pillows

We all have our favorite pillows but they should be replaced every 2 years. Think about it, you lay your head on your pillow every night and it slowly collects sweat, hair and skin follicles that mites feed off of. You can also wash your pillow every few months to kill the mites that are living in them, but make sure to use really hot water and are completely dry before putting the case back on.

  1. Vacuum your mattress

When you strip your bed to wash your sheets make sure to vacuum the mattress, this will suck up any loose foliates that accumulate on the mattress. If you like to spray air freshener or cleaning supplies on your mattress make sure the mattress is completely dry before putting your sheets back on.

There are some conditions that would make you more likely to have dust mites that you cannot change, like living in a humid enjoyment. Here in south Florida, whether we make our beds or not there will still be humidity in our homes. Dr Matt Hallsworth, of the charity Asthma UK, said: “It is true that mites need humid conditions to thrive and cannot survive in very dry (desert like) conditions. However, most homes in the UK are sufficiently humid for the mites to do well and I find it hard to believe that simply not making your bed would have any impact on the overall humidity.”

Based on the uncertainty that simply leaving your bed unmade will let your bed dry up enough to eliminate dust mites we believe that the pros definitely out way the cons. If you do think letting your sheets dry out before making your bed is a good idea, try getting ready or eating your breakfast first before tucking in your sheets.


By Meredith Sopko

Meredith is a marketing professional and Expert Organizer with expertise in social media and e-communications. When she’s not organizing or on social media, she is at the beach or watching reality TV and drinking wine.