[Video] Winning The Battle Over Mail Clutter - Me In Order

How to handle paper clutter (particularly mail clutter) is by far the question we get most often by our Order University members, so we decided to shoot a hands-on step-by-step video on how to completely disseminate the pile of mail that comes into our home on a daily basis.

Just like our first video “Organize Anything in 5 Steps” we use the 5 keys to organizing anything throughout this one. For those of you that love to take notes, here are the 5 keys once again:

1. Sort
2. Purge
3. Assign a Home
4. Containerize
5. Maintain

By completing the steps provided in this video, you will surely tame the paper monster in your home created by the daily trickle of mail that finds its way through our front doors.

Have questions about how to handle your mail?

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