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Everyone has that one pile. That one drawer. That one closet that they refrain from opening. Every person has that one thing (or many things) that they can’t seem to part with and nothing anyone can say will ever change their mind. We’re all guilty of it, but for some reason, we can’t let go of even the simplest of items. 

What would happen if you tackled that junk drawer? What if you closed your eyes, unlocked that door, and chose to open it and deal with the items inside? What would change? Well, your peace of mind, your time, and ultimately your life.

We’re all in the same boat – there’s always just one thing we can’t seem to get rid of no matter how hard we try. Luckily, Me In Order is here to help you tackle that junk drawer, storage closet, or overflow room. We’re even guilty of keeping some things too! Here are 4 things we all secretly never get rid of:

1, Paperwork, Receipts, and Newspaper

Sometimes we’re guilty of hoarding any and all paper products. From appliance manuals, do year-old receipts, to magazines that have been sitting untouched for years, we can’t seem to part ways with paper. We think we must hold onto these documents in the case that “something happens” – but does anything ever actually happen?

If an appliance breaks, you immediately go to Google. If you get charged for something you didn’t purchase, you call your bank. If you want something to read, you rarely pick up a magazine that you have already leafed through once. The truth is, we really don’t need these items, yet we secretly hold onto them “just in case”.


2. Medicine bottles

For some reason, we can’t let go of medicine bottles. Even after we have completed the prescription, we still manage to keep our cabinets stocked with those little orange canisters.

Essentially, there is no need to hold onto these items. The next prescription you get, you will most likely get a new bottle anyways, so do away with the old bottles and toss out any expired medications. We guarantee they aren’t safe to take if they have been in your cabinet for 5 years!


3. Children’s Art Projects

Everyone thinks their kid could be the next Van Gogh, so they hold on to every popsicle stick, scribbled crayon design, and finger-painting project for years. We love our kids, but we don’t HAVE to keep everything. Instead, pick one or two items you can’t part with, frame them, and hang them up for all to see. Create a literal art piece with your child’s art project and you will be able to appreciate them more and see them daily.


4. Clothing That No Longer Fits

It’s a harsh reality, but sometimes you have to part ways with your favorite jeans from your 20s or that top that you know you will eventually fit into one day. While it’s nice to have goals and dreams when it comes to your body, it’s also important to be realistic and toss out anything that no longer fits you. If they are nice items, we might be compelled to hold onto them because we feel as if we can’t toss them out due to the price, we invested into them. However, those items at one point brought you joy, and now, you can gift them to other people to bring them that same joy as well. Purge your closet, donate some items to Goodwill, or even gift them to your younger siblings, friends, or children. 

We all have items we just can’t seem to give away. It can be difficult to do away with items that once brought you joy or solace, but eventually, these items just end up taking up space and eliminating our peace. By taking the time to sort through your items and get down to why you can’t toss them, the easier it will be to part ways. You never know; your trash could always be another person’s treasure and you could be gifting them something they have been dying to have!

Me In Order is here to guide you in any way you need to start your organizing project. If you are interested in learning more about how to hire an expert organizer, check out our Ultimate Guide To Hiring An Expert Organizer, or contact us today!



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