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Our Ask The Organizer series is back and this month we are focusing on the most common discrepancy we find during our consultation process.

Most people are under the impression that they need to buy dividers, or organizer cubes, or multiple different-sized containers in order to begin their organizing process.

We are here to tell you that this is not necessarily the case.

We picked out the most common questions we’ve received while “out in the field” during consultations with clients; and we found that many of our fellow clients need help understanding that you really don’tneed to purchase additional items in order to get organized.

Our Certified Expert Organizer®, Certified Professional Organizer®and Education and Mentorship Leader, Kelly Barber is here to answer the questions we’ve been receiving:


1)  What do I have to buy in order to get organized?

This is a question we are asked all the time and our answer is “Nothing at this time.”  You see, part of the organizing process is sorting and during this process we are making decisions on the items that we are going through. Is this item staying or is it going?  Do I have another home for this item or a similar item? It is during this sorting process that things get edited and most of the time we are emptying and consolidating “organizing tools” that you already have and this opens up the tools for other things.  There are many times that this process gives us what we need to organize the items and the space we are currently working on. 


2) What if I don’t know what I have? 

You may not have exactly what you need at the time that you are organizing but don’t let that stop you.  Organizing is a process and so as you are going through the process of sorting and deciding and assigning you are able to determine what exactly you need for organizing tools.  As I mention before, organizing tools will open up through the process and will give us temporary if not long-term solutions.  Sometimes, a walk through our home will reveal empty containers or cardboard boxes that we can use until we determine what exactly we need based on what we are storing and where we are storing our items.  These are factors that we need to take into account when determining what is the best solution is for our needs.


3) I have already invested a lot of money into baskets, organizing bins, and boxes and it is overwhelming. How do I use them to get organized?

Exactly!  This is why we encourage you to wait to purchase products before getting started. Most people have stuff to organize with. We live in a consumer society and we all want to get organized so we see a cool container or gadget to “get us organized” and we purchase it.  So, most of the time we find clients having the tools, they just are not being used the right way or the best way for them and their stuff.

For example, you may have purchased these beautiful baskets to use in pantry but after trying to incorporate them you realize that they are smaller than what you need.  Well, instead of trying to find another use for them or take them back you decide to just leave them in the pantry and try to make them work.  But, after the next trip to the grocery store your basket is overflowing.  This scenario happens many times and so when we see instances like this, we take a look around our client’s spaces and see that this small basket is not working for this space but it would be great in a cloth closet or another space and we make the change.  The great thing about most organizing tools is they are not permanent and can be repurposed for many things.


4) How can an Expert Organizer be more efficient to use instead of just buying organizing containers online or in store?

Containers and organizing tools can add up quickly so even though the marketing teams get you to think that if you buy this item to get organized you will be organized don’t let them fool you.  An organizing bin or basket is not the solution to getting you organized. It is the decision-making and the thought process that gets you organized.   A product cannot provide that service but an Expert Organizer can. Spending your money on someone that will talk through your organizing issues with you, determine how you use your things and your space and help you decide what would work best for you is money that will get you to the end result that you are after. Purchasing containers to get organized is similar to putting a Band-Aid on a big cut that needs more extensive medical treatment.  It’s only a temporary solution and won’t stick very long.

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Certified Expert Organizer® Certified Professional Organizer® Education and Mentorship Leader


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