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Does being organized make you happier & healthier?

We have a special treat for you this month…ANOTHER Ask The Organizer series!!! (Don’t say we never treat you!)

This time, we want to know for sure…does being organized make you happier and healthier? Or this just an old wives’ tale? We asked our Certified Expert Orgaizer® Beatriz to shed some light on the topic and tell us her thoughts.

So let’s dive in…does organizing your items lead to a healthy and happy life? This is what she had to say…


Q: How does tidying up a home help create joy?

Beatriz: Tidying up a home if you think about it, is the same principle as when we clean ourselves every day before we start our day. When we are clean and looking good we feel empowered, positive and happy, we send good vibes out to the world is simply refreshing. Well is the same thing with our homes, when they are tidy and in order we can truly find a sense of joy, peace, harmony and happiness. Our homes are an extension of ourselves in other words a happy joyful home = a happy joyful self.


Q: There is the concept of creating a “happiness shrine” or “pride shrine” in a home, where you set aside a shelf/wallspace/corner to use to display items that serve no utilitarian purpose but make you happy–things like photos from past vacations, trophies, awards, diplomas, special gifts, etc. How can you use the idea of a happiness shrine to help reduce clutter, and how does it help someone to have something like this in their home?

Beatriz: We all know that a shrine is considered holy therefore whatever we display in it should really be very meaningful and dear to us. However most of us have many meaningful items that we want to display and that could create clutter and overabundance in the area designated as a “Happiness Shrine”. So, in order for it to be happy, joyful and dear as well show our gratitude, we need first to establish the size of the shrine, the concept of it and categorize by purpose such as photos, religious, diplomas etc. Once we defined the purpose is important to gather all the items that you want to display and choose the ones that at that precise moment brings happy memories and positive emotions to you. Be selective as how much you display because it should be simple and to the point. Once you are positive and happy with your end results store the rest in a box labeled “Shrine items” and go back to it maybe 3 times a year and decide if you want to change it and display different items that at that precise moment bring you more happiness. Remember that we are in constant change therefore our shrine needs to change as well to further bring us that feeling of sacredness to us.


Q: A study showed that people are more likely to exercise or make healthy habits if they can see their workout gear, like their sneakers. How can someone organize their shoes in an attractive way where they get displayed somewhere visible but don’t wind up in piles on the floor? What about the rest of their workout gear?

Beatriz: In order to display workout shoes to be more accessible it goes back once again to the principle as how much space we have for them as well in which area of the home we have our exercise area. One good idea would be to store them in clear shoe boxes with lids that many retailers sell. Being clear adds to the visibility as to what exactly is in that box and then the boxes can be stacked neatly in a corner, inside the closet or cabinet. Other idea that comes to mind is a basket, cubes or over the door organizers. It also would help to label the containers as to whom they belong to or what type or shoe is. As for the rest of the work out gear follow the same principle sort, categorize and contain.


Q: How can we tidy up our book collections? What’s the max number of books someone should own? What are some of the benefits to minimizing how many books we keep?

Beatriz: Ah books…. As to how many someone should own it depends on the individual, the space and the needs. Having that said, once again we need to define the need and purpose of the specific book, we need to ask ourselves if that particular topic is in line with our needs and interest in this present moment as well as if it will serve a purpose in the near future, is also good  to ask ourselves if that book triggers a bad or good memory or if it is only there to fill the space and collect dust.

Once we have made that decisions books need to be readily accessible so that we can unlock their teachings when we need them. However, with the internet readily accessible to all of us now a day, is very easy to find online what we are looking for or researching, therefore this is another good indicator to use in order to make a sound decision if we are keeping the book or giving it away. As to display them we can use the traditional bookcases or for the more artsy ones or the conversation pieces they can be displayed on the coffee table as part of our room decoration.


Q: How can tidying up our kitchen help us to make healthier eating habits and feel better about ourselves?

Beatriz: The kitchen is one of the most important areas in your home, is where meals are prepared, family gathers around, conversation happens and great memories start building up. Therefore, having a tidy kitchen is a must to have a healthy lifestyle. In order for our kitchen to have a great flow and energy we need to have designated areas that make sense. Food items should be stored all together using the FIFO method (first in first out) meaning, that every time I bring a new item to my pantry should be stored at the back so the older one is used first, this allow us to clearly see how much we have of one item as well as the expiration dates. Plates should be stored near the stove so that they readily accessible when serving the food, coffee mugs should be as close as possible as the coffee maker etc.

When the kitchen is tidy and organized, it makes it much easier for us to want to be there creating and experimenting new recipes that are healthier and better for us because you can see what you have, making it easier to navigate throughout, inviting the family to gather and create new amazing meals together.

Tidy/organized kitchen = Healthy eating / harmonious, healthy family life


Q: How does donating unused or unwanted items help to create its own sense of joy?

Beatriz: Unfortunately, there is always someone who is in need that is not as fortunate to have all what they need to live a rich and happy life. So, donating the things that no longer serve you is a great way to bring joy to someone else, by lessening their stress of not being able to make ends meet. Giving with no expectations is a great way to nurture your soul, to bring a smile on your face, to honor the people in need and most importantly it allows you to be grateful by realizing that you had more than you truly needed and for that you are a blessed person.

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  1. Linda Jacobs

    Well written answers. Very helpful! Keeping things neat and organized helps me to relieve stress.

  2. Natalie Rich

    Thanks Linda! We agree; keeping things neat and organized helps us to relieve stress as well 🙂

  3. Anonymous

    I love all the ideas beatriz shared and I love the FIFO method thank you for sharing ????

  4. Natalie Rich

    Hi there! Thanks for reading. We’re glad you enjoyed it 🙂 Make sure you check out our Order University blog for more articles from Beatriz and the team.

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