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The beginning of August is the perfect time to set up good habits, new routines, new goals and new lifestyle changes. At first, our target missions appear easy: we designate a time each morning to get up for the gym; we list out our weekly goals on Sunday night in our shiny, new agendas;  and we might even tape inspirational “you-can-do-it” quotes to our bathroom mirrors for motivation. 

However, these efforts are short lived. 

As soon as October hits, it evident that you have spiraled back into your old ways. The goals you once had at the forefront of your mind quickly slip to the back. You begin forgetting about the activities that you WANT to focus on, and instead are replaced with the stress of the new school year, countless extracurriculars, work projects and endless housework. You begin pushing gym-time more and more to the end of the week, you take down the motivational quotes and replace them with household to-do’s, and you may even let that one special project get moved to next summer. Why do we fall back into bad habits during Fall?

It’s easy to succumb to the ritual “I’ll-start-next-week” mindsets; especially when our lives are hectic with children, housework, careers, and family time. Bad habits, whether it be addictions, little obsessions, weaknesses, or negative patterns are as equally bad for your home life as they are for you mind, body and soul.  When we make a decision to change, and only go through with it for a short amount of time, then revert back to where we started, we end up damaging ourselves, our lifestyles and sometimes even our lives. 

Some of the mantras we repeat to ourselves include the following:

  • I’ll have just ONE slice of pizza; then go back to my diet
  • I’ll just skip this ONE class; then get back to my workout regimen
  • I’ll just do my project NEXT week instead
  • I’ll clean that room during the weekend when I have more free time
  • I’ll just spend family time together once this crazy month is over 

What do these excuses have in common? They allow you the permission to slip back into your old ways of doing things. As someone who is striving to make a better life for yourself, you have to first realize when you are providing yourself with excuses, and be able to stand strong.

The best way to avoid falling back into bad habits is to:

  1. Hold yourself accountable – if you want to make a change, it’s up to you!
  2. Beware of bad-habit-enablers – stay away from those friends or family members that are distracting you or enabling you to float back to your old way of doing things. If you can’t escape them, then you need to find the will to stay strong. 
  3. Find a good support system – lean towards those that support your goals and will help motivate you to make the right decisions; or even someone who will help you tackle your goals alongside you.
  4. Give yourself tangible incentives – slow and steady wins the race; so give yourself some incentives to reaching each goal, whether it be big or small. Don’t stop until you get to that halfway point!
  5. Remind yourself why you started – write down your “Why” on a piece of paper and carry it around with you. Look at it often, and remind yourself daily why you are aiming to do. When the going gets tough, think about the reasons why you started and keeping pushing forward. 

It’s important to take the reins on your life and put your goals first. If you want to get in shape, then make the time. If you want to clean out your living room to make space to actually spend time with you family, then make it happen. The longer you wait, the more time you waste feeling cluttered within your own home and within your own mind. 

Speaking of clutter: at Me In Order, we strive to teach our clients the importance of living a clutter-free lifestyle. For some, this is an easy change to make; for others, it’s harder than giving up chocolate. Me In Order helps teach organizational skills as well as maintaining organization as the days, months, and years go by. We help our clients make a solid change and stick to it!

Are you interested in making a change? Do you need help to NOT fall back into a bad lifestyle habit? A Certified Expert Organizer may be the solution. Visit our Ultimate Guide To Hiring An Expert Organizer today to see if Me In Order may be the right fit for you. If you’re ready to act now, give us a call today to schedule your first consultation!



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