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Interested in garage organizing? It has been two and a half years since Me In Order set up this garage. Check out how it looks now…

Video Transcript:

Some of you may remember this garage. About two and a half years ago – and I can’t believe I’m saying that. It has been two and a half years. Me In Order set up this garage and it has pretty much been maintained very nicely since then.

So I wanted to come back and shoot a quick video for you and talk to you about maintenance. So let’s start off by just doing a quick tour. So let me just bring the camera around and you can see. We have added a little bit more on this side so that we can have some ladders and what not hang from there. But for the most part, everything is down on this side of the garage, so that it can still be used as a two-car garage and bring two cars in whenever we want to.

But today, I want to talk to you mainly about how garage organizing get maintained. There’s one key and that key has to do with what you do at the point of purchase, not necessarily what you do when you get it home.

Here’s what I mean. When you’re standing at the store and you’re in the aisle and you’re making your purchasing decision, one of the things that needs to go through your mind is, “Do I have a place for this back home? Is there a home for this item back home?” or you may want to ask, “Once I do get this home, is there a home that I can create for it?” and really the key is having that question answered before you actually purchase the item.

That’s how this space has been maintained. Nothing was purchased that was going to go into this space without actually knowing that there is a specific place to put it and really that’s it. If you can just do that one little mind tweak when you’re making your purchases, you can have a garage that is organized and maintained in this condition over a period of years and here’s the great part about that.

There’s nobody in this family that’s saying, “Oh my goodness. I have to organize the garage this weekend,” and that is true peace and that’s really being able to keep doing what you love and leaving the organizing to us.


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