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Some may find it daunting to ask for help. They feel as if they are inadequate, weak, or scared to admit that they are in need. Asking for help shouldn’t be a negative connotation, for it is a universal experience for all. Every person needs help sometimes. It can be very humbling and even a relief to ask for help during a time of need, even though our pride tries tells us we can handle it on our own.

Admitting you need help is brave and is sure to bring you the relief you are searching for, especially when it comes to professional organizing. You may not know how to start when it comes to living an organized life. You might want to be organized desperately, but you don’t know how to ask for the help you need to achieve your goal. Thankfully, that’s what Me In Order is for! Here’s some tips on how to ask for help when you need it:


 1. Focus on the Truths

Take the time to center yourself; concentrate on what you want, and how you want to get there. Envision the facts and think about what’s true for you and your circumstance. Someone might have mentioned previously that asking for help to organize your home is a sign of weakness. Or, they might have undermined your ability to handle your everyday tasks. 

“You don’t need an organizer; you can do it yourself.”

“It’s a waste of money.” 

“You’re home all day; you have the time to do this yourself.”

This is not what you need to hear. Concentrate on the solid facts – you need help, and it’s okay! Tell those limited beliefs in your brain that what you are doing is fine, and there is nothing wrong with taking on additional support. Accepting what you truly need and focusing on the truths will help you to ask for what you need.


2. You Don’t Have to Have it All Together

Sometimes, especially as women, we think we have to have it all together. The “perfect” mom, spouse, interior designer, employee, coworker doesn’t exist. You’re just you; and the sooner you accept yourself, the easier it will be to ask for what you want. You don’t have to keep up with the Jones and keep up appearances; you can simply accept where you are at and look toward getting the help you need. Just because you want a professional organizer, doesn’t mean you are a failure. It just means you need some extra support – and that’s okay! We aren’t superhumans; we can’t do it all!


3. Take the Leap

Just do it! Make the call to Me In Order today to get the help you need (and deserve!) Don’t waste your time telling yourself you can’t do it. You work hard and you deserve to have peace within your home and your life and if that takes asking for help, then so be it. Accept that asking for additional support is okay, and you will be on your way to your organizing journey. You will look back on this time and wonder why you ever procrastinated in the first place. Just picture relaxing in your clean, clutter-free home…and that enough should inspire you to take a leap!


4. Help Others

Help others decide to ask for help as well. Aid others in the mental and physical barrier it takes to get out of your head and ask for what you want. Other people need to know that it’s okay, and you can speak to this from experience. Plus, after your home is nice and organized, you’ll be able to breathe a sigh of relief and show it off to the next person. Just make sure you speak from the heart and encourage others to ask for help. We don’t have to be superheroes; we just have to be us!

Are you ready to ask for help to get your home in order? If you are interested in learning more about how to hire an expert organizer, check out our Ultimate Guide To Hiring An Expert Organizer, or contact us today!



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