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Times have been changing. In the matter of a year, we’ve seen many things that used to be routine change dramatically. This includes simple acts such as going to the movies, wearing masks, and of course, working from home.

Working from home has been a new journey for most employees in the 9-5 sphere, and while adjusting to this change has been difficult over the past year, it has also provided many of us with that work-life balance we have been so desperately seeking for years.

This new opportunity grants us the time to accomplish more tasks from the comfort of our couch, surrounded by family members, while still working hard in our scope of work. While it all sounds like a dream come true, all good things come with their own set of challenges. Some might be finding it challenging to stay organized while working from home, and trust us; we know there are many things we can get distracted and disorganized with while being home.

Here’s how you can navigate this new normal and stay organized while working from home:

1. Make Your Workspace Functional

Some of us have been working from home for close to a year now; it’s time to finally bite the bullet and buy a desk so you can let the kitchen table be the kitchen table again. 

Make your workspace functional and useful for you. If you find your back hurting from using the same kitchen barstool every day, invest in a chair. If you are having trouble finding your paperwork for your day-to-day, take some time to create a secure place to house your papers. Taking the time to make your workspace functional and work for you will set your mind right for work hours ahead. Plus, a familiar environment will spark those in-office inspirational vibes you need to knock out a long day of work. 


2. Try Showering

We’re serious! Sometimes a nice shower is all you need to make you feel like you’re ready for the day. Showering in the morning or before you settle into your workspace will put you in the proper mindset for the day ahead. Wash your hair, put on a comfy pair of clothes, and make your bed; you’ll feel better, cleaner, and ready to tackle the day.


3. Designate Work Time, for Work Time

Set aside some time during the day to work on house stuff, such as doing laundry, emptying the dishwasher, and checking the mail. Sometimes, we can use our household chores as a distraction from the tasks on our plate for the day. Get into a routine of setting time aside for housework and designating your other hours to “in-office time.” This simple change will have you motivated and focused on the work tasks you need to accomplish while also not forgetting about your household chores. 


3. Communicate

Communicate with your family members, roommates, and even coworkers when you are working on specific tasks. If you know you have a Zoom call presentation in an hour, make sure your kids learn not to interrupt. If you have to get up early to make your breakfast and coffee for the day, give your roommates a heads-up that you might be making noise in the kitchen. Even communicate with your coworkers when you are taking a break for lunch. By being transparent and open, you can avoid any issues and tension while working from home.   


4. Give Yourself A Pat On The Back 

Working from home is not easy, especially when you have been used to working in an office for years. The most important part of working from home is cutting yourself some slack. You are doing everything possible to stay on top of work, family, and your home. You deserve to kick back and relax when you are off the clock, and you deserve to enjoy your breaks throughout the day. Just because you are working from home doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your sanity. Focus on organizing your space, making your home functional for your work from home lifestyle, and you will surely succeed in the months (and maybe even years!) ahead. 

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