How To Keep Ads Out of Your Inbox - Me In Order

More and more of the places that we love to shop at are asking us for our email address. We love the stores but how many of us really want them sending us emails all the time? I for one don’t like ads cluttering up my inbox – even from stores that I really like. When I open email I want to get in and get out as soon as possible so the less that’s in there the better! So what do you do when you want less clutter in your inbox but also want to know when your favorite store is having a huge sale?

Here’s my solution.

I created a “shop” email address.

Now when my favorite store wants to send me their latest and greatest deals via email I say “sure, feel free to email me at”

Here’s some ideas on how to make this work for you:

If you use Gmail or any other of the free email service you can create an email that would look something like this:

If you have your own domain you can create an address like we did which would simply be:

The key to this email strategy is to NOT add this email address to your primary mail application. You’ll want to have access to this email address – just not with all your other mail.

Now when you want to shop at Target and you want to know what the latest deals are all you have to do is check your “shop” email account. For us that means that we log in to our Go Daddy app.

Once setup, you can just let that email account do its thing and capture all that advertising email.

Now it’s time for me to go check my email. Bye 🙂


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