Kelly Barber’s Top 7 Organizing Tips for After the Storm - Me In Order

Getting back to having a sense of normalcy after a hurricane can be tough. The following is our very own Kelly Barber’s list that she compiled to help us get back into the swing of daily life once again.

1. Take the shutters off the windows. Allow the sun to come back into your home. It’s been days since the house has seen some light, time to let it in. This will get you out of bed earlier and ready to conquer the day.

2. Sweep the front porch and/or the patio. The will help diminish the amount of dirt and debris you bring into your home.

3. Gather all your special supplies you took out or purchased for the storm, minus the food and water. Once these are together, now is the time to decide how to contain them. If you do not have a “Storm Bin” available now is the time to make one. This way when the next storm heads your way you will have a lot of what you already need. If there is something you used up or where unable to locate before the storm, make a list and plan to purchase those items over the next few weeks. Don’t forget to add those purchases to the “Storm Bin.”

4. Now, what to do with all that food and water that you have. A couple of options, put it in your pantry and in corporate it into your daily eating. Placing it into rotation will mean it will probably get eaten instead of expiring. Now, if you purchased things that you know you really are not going to eat unless you have to, consider donating it. There are people that are in need and will not be particular with what they are eating. Many people make the mistake of putting the food they bought for the storm in the “storm bin” and if there is no need to pull out the bin for many years and when the time finally comes the food is expired.

5. Water is usually a hot commodity after a storm. If you have too much, consider donating that as well. Yes, water can last a long time and even if it expires you can use it to wash or flush toilets during the next storm but why do that when you can bring comfort to someone that has a real need. As we see the devastation storms cause our hearts break for those that are suffering. Here is your way of giving to help those in need. The bonus, you don’t have to find a place to store it. Remember, there is a cost associated with storing items!

6. Hurricanes, tornadoes and other storms of this magnitude definitely take us out of our routines so getting back to your routine as quickly as possible will help you and your family mentally, emotionally and physically. So, if you exercise on a regular basis get back to it. If your children take naps or are on a regular eating schedule get them back on it ASAP. Routines bring order so the quicker you can get back to your routine the more “in order” you will feel mentally.

7. Laundry may have been something that may have piled up during the storm, especially if you had to camp out in a safe room or all together. Start a load of laundry as soon as you can and keep it going until you have everything washed.

Kelly Barber, CEO, CPO

Kelly Barber, CEO, CPO

Certified Expert Organizer & South Florida Regional Leader

Kelly thinks that lifting a 95 lb. barbell over and over again is “fun.”


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