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Have you ever been curious as to how our organizing sessions pan out? Do you day-dream about what it would be like to have the Me In Order team tackle an area in your home? Are you planning on using Me In Order in the future, but just don’t know what to expect? 

At Me In Order, we know how important it is to be familiar with a product or service before moving forward with booking a session. Upon our newest service location opening in Tampa, Florida, we wanted to show Tampanians what a true organizing session consists of.

The experts at Me In Order hit the road this month to Tampa, Florida to take on a brand-new area and tackle a garage organizing project for Tampa Bay natives, Lee and Joe Rich. 

After a day chalk-full of organizing their garage from top to bottom, we did a follow up interview with our friends Lee and Joe. Satisfied, impressed, and motivated, Lee Rich was bubbling with excitement after their garage organizing project. So, we decided to interview her about their experience. 

Enjoy this interview and get inspired for your own organizing project in Tampa, Florida! Here is what you can learn from their experience with working alongside Me In Order:


Me In Order: Describe how you felt before your Me In Order organizing appointment.

Lee – I wasn’t sure what to expect. I had a vision of what I was hoping would happen; they would come in with blueprints and measurements and design cabinets and implement closet organizing systems; I had no idea we were going to go in depth of every single item I owned! 

When they said that we were going to take everything out of our garage, I cringed. The amount of clutter that had built up over the years was excruciating. It was hard to believe that in less than 3 hours we were able to accomplish all that we did!


Me In Order: Did the team members make you feel calm and comfortable?

Lee – Absolutely! Zenna, Kelly and Jeremie were very cordial, kind and understanding. I could tell they were skilled professionals. It was interesting to watch their process; organizing almost came naturally to them. They know exactly where items need to go. It was almost as if they had already been to our home before, when in reality this was their first time organizing in Tampa!

I don’t think you can teach talent like that…it is a gift and a refined art. You have to be able to have the spatial-visual awareness – and all three of the team members had that. They knew exactly what needed to stay and what needed to go, but they made me feel comfortable in making those decisions myself. 


Me In Order: Were you overwhelmed with the organizing project ? Or, were you calm, cool and collected?

Lee – I was overwhelmed when I started going through all my home tools and fasteners. These items had been sitting in our garage for years and it was exhausting to go through each and every items. Even though it was a tedious process, I found out that I really don’t use these items…nor do I even recognize them anymore! 

I also stressed out while going through all my old teacher materials; I had a hard time staying on task because I was reminiscing about my teaching career. It reminded me of all the things I used to teach in the past and it brought back many memories. I had to shift my focus during this time and concentrate on the task at hand, or else we would never have made it through the project!


Me In Order – Were you happy with the overall outcome?

Lee – Absolutely. I was very impressed. The fact that they took the time to even pull out our storage units and sweep behind them was the cherry on top of a fabulous experience. 


Me In Order – What were your lasting thoughts after the session?

Lee – Zenna, Kelly and Jeremie were very inspirational. We have been in our home for 20+ years and have no plans of moving anytime soon. However, I don’t think our garage organizing project would have ever gotten done unless we made a decision to sell the house and were forced to confront the project. That could be years from now! The fact that this project is now complete is an indescribable relief. I also appreciated how motivating the team was; they were helpful, professional and let me make the final decision in all situations. They put the ball in my court, and I thought it was exceptional. 


Me In Order – Would you recommend Me In Order to your friends and family?

Lee – We already have! Our next door neighbors are already interested in Me In Order’s services. We actually attracted quite the crowd while organizing the garage; many neighbors asked us what we were up to, and were interested in the final results. 


Me In Order –  Would you book another session with Me In Order? If so, what project would you have the team tackle next?

Lee – Of course. I would love to tackle the master closet. If we can get an entire garage organized in under three hours, imagine what we can do to my closet!

We are so happy that we had the opportunity to organize for our Tampa friends, Lee and Joe. Projects like these inspire us to keep going on our organizing journey. As we continue to branch off into different locations across the country, we are motivated to help amazing homeowners like Lee and Joe. We can’t wait for our next Tampa organizing project!

As always, Me In Order is here to aide you in any way you need to start your organizing project. If you are interested in learning more about how to hire an expert organizer, check out our Ultimate Guide To Hiring An Expert Organizer , or contact us today!



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