Me In Order’s “Get in Order for the Holidays” Checklist

It’s finally the holiday season! Cue the colder weather, shorter days, and ever-present Christmas music! 

While we all long for the holiday season, once it actually gets here, we can experience a sense of overwhelm. The holidays evoke beauty and anxiety simultaneously, and it’s up to us to navigate through it all. How can such a magical time also be such a stressful time? And how does one maintain their composure? The trick: getting organized ahead of time! 

Thankfully, Me In Order has everything you need to get organized for the holidays and we are excited to present to you our “Get in Order for the Holidays” Checklist.

Print it out, paste it on your fridge, find your favorite pen, and start marking your way through the holidays. Soon, you’ll be organized and able to jingle all the way to New Year’s!


Make Your To-Do List

First thing is first – make your to-do list! Me In Order Experts always recommend planning in advance and working from a list. Plus, it will give you a centralized place to keep track of everything you need to accomplish during the holiday season. And, how satisfying is it to check off your list as you finish each task?!


Create Your Gift Budget

This will help your anxiety and especially your wallet! Plan out a gift-giving budget and stick to it. Write out what you plan on purchasing for each person on your to-buy list and you’ll have a clear-cut idea of what you need to buy and how much you will be spending on each person.


Plan Out Your Menus in Advance

Nothing says the holidays more than tons and tons of food! Plan out exactly what you will be making in advance. List out your ideal meals, head to the grocery store early, and stock up on everything you need ahead of time.


Make Your Christmas Card List

Christmas cards are a whole different animal. The act of mailing Christmas cards can be overwhelming, so it’s important to get organized beforehand. Make a list of the people you plan on sending cards to, and you can even get the kids involved with addressing and stamping the envelopes. Create a mailer station and assign different tasks for stamping and sealing. You can even treat the kids to candy canes afterward!


Set Aside a Day for In-Person Shopping and a Day for Online Shopping

To avoid overspending and cutting out multiple days for shopping, secure one day for in-person shopping and another day for online shopping. Have a plan of attack for the day and coordinate the stores you have to visit. Buy everything you need at once, so you don’t have to make multiple trips. For online purchases, practice the same effort; put everything in your cart and buy in one sweep to avoid incurring more fees and more stress.


Decorate Early

Avoid waiting until the last minute to decorate. Put out only the holiday decorations that bring you joy; you don’t have to go overboard, and sometimes, less is more. Start early and you will have the time to actually enjoy seeing your decorations on display in your home.


 Tackle Each Room Before Events

If you are planning on having guests over for the holidays, you might be overwhelmed with getting your home in order. Start small and take each to-do in different chunks. Tackle each room one by one instead of all at once. You’ll be able to get organized and maintain your sanity if you break up the task into easier-to-manage tasks.


 Take Time to Rest

The holidays are exciting, but they can also be exhausting. Remember to rest, take a deep breath, and enjoy the little moments. In between all the craziness, there are always little sparks of peace and magic. By getting organized for the holidays ahead of time, you will be able to experience relaxation and relief during this incredible time!

Me In Order is here to help you get in order for the holiday season! If you are interested in learning more about how to hire an expert organizer, check out our Ultimate Guide To Hiring An Expert Organizer, or contact us today!



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