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Need to organize your linen closet? Beatriz has the expert tips for you!

Linen closets are difficult to keep organized…especially when you own a ton of hand towels, beach towels, bath towels, sheets, etc. Keeping everything folded and in the same spot can be a hassle especially if you have young children and multiple people in the family are going in and out of the closet. Sometimes, it’s easier just to stuff our linens back onto a shelf and forget about them…but as we all know, that just leads to more clutter, and more headaches.

Beatriz helped her client organize their linen closet by first taking everything off the shelves and organizing by category. She also used bins to store loose supplies that she found while unloading each shelf. Now, each type of linen is clearly displayed and folded in a way where everything fits seamlessly and is easy to find.


Space Organized: Linen Closet

Hours to Complete: 1

Client’s Goal: To be able to see everything for easy access and identification of items; that way less time was needed in finding what she needed at the moment.

What Our Expert Loved About It: I love that it looks neat and everything is sorted and stored in an orderly manner and on top of all that it looks just great, awesome visual effect of items.

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Need help organizing a specific space? Beatriz can help you tackle anything…especially a linen closet! Contact us now to schedule a consultation so we can help you get your Space In Order.

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