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It’s officially August! Cue the Back-To-School-Blues, Fall candles, and Pumpkin Spice-everything! 

The first week of August signifies National Simplify Your Life Week. How appropriate! We all can all definitely use some helpful tips and motivation to get prepared and get on track for this new school year.

You would be surprised how cleaning and organizing your home is without a doubt the key to simplifying your life. 

“But I don’t have time!” you claim. However, you actually have more time than you think. 

Investing time to get organized will give you time in return. By taking the necessary steps to simplifying your life, you will set yourself up for success this season.

Me In Order is here to help you keep the back to school chaos and clutter to a minimum during this Fall season. Here are our tips for how you can take advantage of National Simplify Your Life Week:


1. Saying “Yes” Means Saying “No” To Something Else

You simply can’t do it all. As much as we strive to take on additional tasks, challenges and to-dos, we sometimes bite off more than we can chew. For example, we have to realize that every time we say “yes” to something, such as letting your kitchen table be the catch-all for all paperwork, mail and newspapers, you are also saying “no” to enjoying a nice evening dinner with your family after a long day of school and work. 

Or, if you say “yes” to allowing dishes to pile up in the sink, you are also saying “no” to the peace of coming home from a long day and the relief of knowing that your home is clutter-free. Take a step back, and realize that every time you allow something to continue in your home, you are taking away peace and time you can be enjoying doing something else. 


2) Limit Screen Time 

Apple has recently introduced a new notification on iPhones that alert users the exact hours they spend connected online. When I first saw that I was spending 3 hours on the Internet per day, I almost fell out of my chair. How many hours do you spend scrolling on social media, reading tweets, watching your friend’s SnapChat stories, or just plain wasting time on your phone? Get disconnected and use that time to do what you love. 

I traded Instagram scrolling for a walk in the park, and I deleted Twitter for reading by the pool. The key to simplifying your life is to enjoy the time you have and limit the noise that distracts you from living with peace.  


3) Prepare For The Next Day

How many of you wake up in a panic and rush to pack lunches, finish assignments, find the car keys, etc.? Take time the night before or even during the weekend to prepare for the days ahead. Waiting until the last minute to accomplish your tasks will only add more stress and complication to the day. By taking the time to meal prep on Sundays, pack your bags the night before, or even laying out your clothing before bed, you will simplify the time it takes to get out the door in the morning.

Time is our most valuable asset. By taking the time to get organized, delete the clutter, and get on a strong day-to-day routine, you will be able to minimize the stress and anxiety that each day brings, thereby simplifying your life. 

We only have so many hours in the day, and so many years ahead. By investing time in getting organized, you gain more time to do the things that you love. 

We hope you enjoy these tips and take the time to invest in your peace by taking advantage of National Simplify Your Life Week. You’d be surprised how much order truly brings peace! 

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