Do I Need an Expert Organizer? - Me In Order

If you are reading this post, you have probably thought about hiring an expert organizer to help you get your life in order. I am sure you will agree that living an organized life will help bring peace to you and your home, but are you in need of professional help? We are here today to get you to ask yourself the right questions to see if it is time to bring in an expert.

Before we go much further we would like to explain what an expert organizer is. An expert, in any profession, is a person who has a special skill or knowledge relating to a particular subject.

The National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO) defines a professional organizer as “a person who provides ideas, information, structure, solutions and systems to increase productivity, reduce stress, save time and energy and lead to more control over space and activities, using principles and expertise to enhance the overall lives of our clients.” They go on to say that a professional organizer transfers skills to his / her clients.

An expert organizer is very similar in definition. The distinguished difference is that an expert does not have to transfer skills to clients. Experts are there to help the client create order with or without them present. An expert is someone that is decisive and goal-oriented for the client and the client’s needs, focusing on the best solutions for someone in their spaces.

An expert is someone that is professional, non-judgmental and capable of effective problem solving. Expert organizers are decision facilitators. They help clients with the decision making process by sorting things to help the client see the value, or lack of value, in the things they own.

Now that we know what an expert is, let’s see if you are in need of their help. Below are a few questions for you to think about. Be honest with yourself, this is only a tool to help you decide if seeking an expert will help solve your disorganization problems.

  1. Has there been a large change/event in your life?

We are all creatures of habit and when large life events happen, adjusting to a new way of life can be difficult. We like to refer to these as life circumstances and include everything from a move to a new house, marriage, divorce, death or birth. These changes are things that can have a great impact on your life, making it hard for us to adjust and keep up with the day to day maintenance we are used to.

  1. Why now?

For those of you that know what life circumstance have recently occurred that is making you feel overwhelmed and disordered, this question will be easy to answer. However, some of you might not be exactly sure what made your disorganization occur, but maybe you have reached your breaking point and you are ready for a change.

  1. Have your tried it yourself?

Even though you might not think you can do something yourself it is always good to try. If you try and fail, it is a good sign that you might need some outside help.

  1. What is your clutter costing you?

Do you know what your clutter is really costing you? This can include financial costs, like late bills, but can also include other costs like lost relationships. Determining what your clutter is costing you might help you decide if hiring someone is worth the additional cost in the long run.

  1. Do you need or want help?

I am sure you have all heard the saying, “you can’t help someone that doesn’t want to be helped”. Hiring an organizer is no exception. If you are ready to get organized, you might feel like you need the help to get started but make sure having someone come in is also something you want.

  1. What do you wish to accomplish?

When considering hiring an expert, it is important to be realistic about your goals. Clutter doesn’t accumulate overnight and even with the help of an expert; it will not disappear overnight. Decluttering will require decision making and maintenance to get your home organized and clutter free.

Chances are if you are reading this article you have thought about hiring an expert organizer. We hope that this has helped you understand what an expert organizer is and if you are ready for their help. Tune in next month for tips on hiring the right organizer for your project.


By Meredith Sopko

Meredith is a marketing professional and Expert Organizer with expertise in social media and e-communications. When she’s not organizing or on social media, she is at the beach or watching reality TV and drinking wine.