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May 1, 2024

A god-send for my move so glad I had her by far the easiest move I’ve ever had because of her.

Jessica L.
January 30, 2024

She’s amazing and I’m having her come back to finish the whole house.

Breanna P.
October 25, 2023

I have been working with Christin for a few months, and highly recommend her! I have a very large home, 3000 sq ft. with many closets. During covid/lockdown I gained weight, and now am losing some gradually. So, I have lots of different sizes, tons of clothing, shoes, of every thing. Christin has organized 3/4 of my house and garage, and has done an amazing job! Her enthusiasm is contagious, her creativity and organizational skills are tops! And, her communication skills and delightful personality are excellent!!! She has motivated me to try to continue to maintain the organization and beautification of my home.

Arlene P.
May 8, 2023

Cristin helped me prepare for a kitchen renovation by packing up and purging my cabinets. She amazed me with her energy and focus, completing the job in less time than estimated, and left me ready to donate the purged items easily. Would recommend and will use again!

Donna H.
April 25, 2023

Did an amazing job and helped me get way more organized! Had more space after her visit!

Jenna B.
December 5, 2021

AMAZING JOB!!!!! Organized my home, closets and my places my mind at ease! Reliable and knowledgeable in organization… a big help to my new life !

Kyerrah b.
March 4, 2021

Cristen has a wonderful demeanor, a great eye as to where to store things. She is professional and goes out of her way to help you rid yourself of unwanted articles. Hire her!

Garrett M.
March 4, 2021

Excellent services! Great and open communication and love the prompt response… totally worth it! I would recommend this to any and everyone looking to get their stuff straight. She gives Great tips and tools to help keep you on track! 👍

Patricia S.
June 16, 2019

Cristin did an absolutely wonderful job organizing my storage unit. She worked tirelessly making sure I was satisfied. I intend to have her help me in future projects. Thank you Cristin!!!

Corliss J.
January 15, 2019

Deborah E.

My Specialty Services

As an Expert Organizer I am prepared to organize all areas of your home. Listed below are my specialities beyond General Home Organization:


  • ADHD
  • Chronic Disorganization
  • Closet Design
  • Home Inventories
  • Moving: Listing Prep / Declutter
  • Moving: Packing
  • Moving: Unpacking / Settle-In
  • Paper Management
  • Photo Organizing
  • Space Planning
  • Time Management

My Business Hours

Monday9:00 AM - 8:00 PM
Tuesday9:00 AM - 8:00 PM
Wednesday9:00 AM - 8:00 PM
Thursday9:00 AM - 8:00 PM
Friday9:00 AM - 8:00 PM
Saturday10:00 AM - 7:00 PM
Sunday10:00 AM - 7:00 PM
Get To Know Cristin

Hello and welcome to my page! I am a fun-loving, passionate mother of 2 incredible children that continuously inspire me to be the best I can be. I was raised between Texas and Ohio but in 2001 at the age of 19, I decided to relocate to South Florida to find my own path in life. From a young age I knew that I wanted to own my own business and at 21, when I had my son I realized that in order to provide the best life possible for him, it was time to make that a reality. I chose to put myself through college where I earned my business degree with a dual minor in accounting and economics and a specialization in entrepreneurship and leadership.

Cristin Frontz

During the final months of my academic career after a heart to heart with myself, circumstantial fate stepped in and lead me to realize that starting my business as a Professional Organizer was my passion. In 2018, I began on that journey and have been privileged to have worked with and gained friendships with countless wonderful individuals! Organizing isn’t just performing a job for me, it’s sharing the life changing excitement with my clients by providing them the peace of a fresh start on their own journeys. I am so excited to have joined the Me in Order team as an Expert Organizer and look forward to all of the new clients and relationships I will gain from this experience!

Q & A with Cristin

What is your favorite outdoor activity?

Running, swimming, playing soccer with my daughter, canoeing, camping, going to the beach with my kids and friends.

What is the best advise you’ve ever received?

“To thine own self be true”, & “Keep the key to your happiness in your own pocket.”

The best part of waking up is…?

The feeling of excitement of what the day may hold!

Name one thing that you miss about being a kid?

Having others cook for me!

Kindle or paperback book?

Paperback! I love the feel of them, the sensation of turning the pages and even better, the smell of the inside of a really old book!

When did you first start really getting into organizing?

My passion for organizing I believe started when I was about 10 years old. I used to love cleaning and rearranging my bedroom and different rooms of my mom’s house because I loved to see how when you walked into the room, it looked like a brand new space that you could continuously re-invent in fresh and fun ways.

What did you do before Me In Order, or are you do anything alongside Me In Order?

I’ve owned my own professional organization and relocation business since 2018. Partnering with Me in Order is a very exciting step forward for me in my professional journey!

What is your favorite space to organize?

I really enjoy organizing rooms for children.  I love creating multiple fun and interactive spaces for them to utilize in a way that fits their needs and personality while remaining easy and fun for them to maintain.

Flashback to when you were 10 years old. What did you want to be when you grew up?

An Interior Designer

Name 3 words that describe you:

Social, Ambitious, Fun.

What is your favorite way to destress?

Have time away from everything with my kids to play, be silly, creative, and just BE TOGETHER.

Who is the person you most admire and why?

My father originally for his strong work ethic and love of family, and while that still remains, in the last couple of years, my son has by far taken the lead for my admiration.  He just turned 20 in March and has been working tirelessly to become a firefighter since he was 13 years old.  He was officially hired at 19 after being honored as the lead in his academy. He has exhibited every aspect of diligence and dedication at the highest level that I have ever witnessed first hand and at a very young age accomplished everything he has set out to.  He does everything with ambition and drive with not even a glimpse of complaint.  He is an incredible individual that has proven to me that with hard work and determination, everything  truly is possible.

Service Areas Include

Delray Beach
Palm Beach Gardens
Boynton Beach
Boca Raton

As a Certified Expert Organizer® I am ready to organize for you during the following life circumstances:

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Change In Household
Paper Overwhelm
Change In Mobility
Relocation Organizing
Lifestyle Change
Relocation or Remodel