Post-it notes don't make great wallpaper! - Me In Order

Leaving notes for yourself in strategic places is a great way to remember to do something. We use them all the time to help us to form new habits or just remind us to do a one-time task. Lately I’ve been trying to drink 8 oz of water first thing in the morning…even before I drink my morning coffee! To remind me to do this I placed a Post-it note right on the espresso maker. Lately though I must admit that I don’t see it. That’s the danger with notes…they often blend into the rest of our surroundings and we no longer see them. Experts say “they become part of the wallpaper”. The trick here is to keep our reminder notes in “fresh” places. This note is on the side of the front panel. Next time I forget to drink water before having my coffee I’ll place the note right on the knob…bet I won’t forget then!

What do you need to place a note on today? Even better, what note do you need to move today so that it’s no longer part of the “wallpaper”? Let us know in the comments.