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We all know the New Year brings hopes and plans to make improvements in our lives. One of the improvements that always tops the list for most people is getting organized, but a lot of people just don’t know where to start. If you are ready to get organized, we are here to help with The 30 Day Clutter Detox by our very own Kelly Barber. The 30 Day Clutter Detox is a 30 day plan for detoxing your home of clutter and helping you find the peace that you’ve been looking for each and every time you enter your home.

“The 30 Day Clutter Detox is a simple program that helps you tackle your clutter one space at a time and have the entire home done in just 30 days.” Kelly Barber, CPO, CEO

This guide is specially designed for the DIY organizer that is motivated to get their home clutter free but have no idea where to start. The book covers the basics of organizing but also gives you a step by step, day by day process to follow. There are tasks to perform every day, but you can adjust and space out the days as needed.
The 30 Day Clutter Detox is available for download (because we don’t want to clutter your home) NOW! Download your copy for FREE today (for a limited time) and get started on getting yourself clutter free.

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