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As a Certified Expert Organizer with Me in Order, I have the privilege to work with individuals looking to bring peace and order into their lives. In doing so, I come across common responses when people are ready but timid – and that’s completely normal! Let me help you figure out how you are standing in your own way to a peaceful home.

  • Clients have said, “I can find an organizer online for $20/hour.”
    • I am certified, insured, and continually educate myself. What this means for my clients is they can rest assured that they are my number one priority. I organize because I love helping people. I want to do the best I can for my clients and the best looks different for every client because everyone’s items and lifestyles are unique.
      To become certified, I trained and was educated through Order University. To keep my certification up to date, I continue to take courses, listen to lectures, and go to conferences with other organizers to help bring the best organizing experience to my clients.
      I am insured and bonded. This means my clients valuable possessions are safe with me. Unfortunately, accidents happen but there is less to worry about when the organizer invited into a client’s home isn’t a liability.
  • Clients have said, “I’m worried. I don’t have the budget.”
    • Organizing happens in steps. These steps are set up and figured out by me, the organizer. Projects can be broken down and completed within budgets. It may take longer than what is seen on TV, but organizing a home is an investment.
  • Clients have said, “I can’t afford this even divvied up.”
    • Cluttered homes cost more than piece of mind. Research shows a decluttered home is linked to well-being.
      Every time an item is purchased repeatedly because it can’t be found, the costs add up. Being organized is an investment that saves time, money, and gives peace of mind, which in my opinion is priceless.
  • Clients have said, “I don’t have the time.”
    • In the beginning of most projects is the purge. The purge is the biggest and most important part of a project I need a client present for. I wouldn’t want to remove any items from a client’s home they want to keep. Otherwise, once the purge process is complete, I am good on my own. This isn’t an issue if a client doesn’t need to reduce clutter and just wants items organized. When clients are not home notes, photos, and videos are shared to keep a client in the loop of what had occurred before I leave.
  • Clients have said, “I would prefer you come see the home first.”
    • We offer 2-hour assessments at an organizer’s hourly rate. One hour is spent with the client within the home figuring out a game plan. The other hour is spent shopping and building a plan for approval. This is ideal for clients who aren’t purging.
      If purging is needed, there isn’t a need to see someone’s space prior to this step. The layout and final plan come after I know what is staying and I get to know my client and space to get a better understanding of what will work in their space.
  • Clients have said, “I don’t like strangers in my space and touching my things.”
    • Clients can work with me virtually! This is the best route for individuals looking to make their homes functional but are either not in a location I travel to, or if they are uncomfortable with a stranger in their space.
      The benefits of working with an organizer virtually are:
      • Cost – virtual sessions can be shorter than in-person sessions.
      • Time-management – goal setting may be a better way to work with an organizer to get a home in order. I will work with my clients to develop a plan they can follow in small, manageable steps for them to undertake in their own time but with someone holding them accountable.
      • Accountability – a client may be more than capable of getting their space organized. Maybe all they need is someone to check in and hold them accountable. I work with my clients to set goals and follow up. 
  • Clients have said, “Why do I need to spend money on containers?”
    • I try my best to work with what a client already has in their homes. This especially works if they are looking for more function over picture perfect. Ideally though, containment is so important to keep and maintain the functionality of a space. If nothing has a home, then chaos will be back once I have left. 
  • Clients have said, “Why do I have to purge? Can’t I just organize my home?”
    • Depending on the space, purging may be necessary to living the life a client pictures. Is the space or the item worth more? This question is a process that I will work through with my clients. I try to make organizing as stress less as possible.
  • Clients have said, “Can you complete this project in one session?”
    • The amount of time varies by project size. There are many factors and variables that go into the amount of time a project takes including, space, purge process, and amount of clutter. Rest assured that I will work to the best of my abilities to make sure my client’s time is not wasted.

Stop talking yourself out of order and schedule time with me. Let’s get this party started!

Article by:

Diane Crespo

Diane Crespo

Certified Expert Organizer®

Organizing Greater Tampa

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