The one thing you MUST do if you want to reach your 2015 organizing goals. - Me In Order

The ball has dropped, and the eggnog is all gone. That can only mean one thing. It’s a new year!

If you’re like most people you’ve already made your new year’s resolutions, and if you’re an Order University member you most likely have some organizational goals on your list.

With that in mind I’d like to share with you the single most important thing you can do in 2015 to reach and maintain your organizational goals.

So here it is…

Make sure that everything has a home BEFORE you let it cross your threshold.

If you think about it we are constantly bringing items into our home. Every day we bring in the mail, groceries, and all sorts of shopping bags from our favorite retailers.

Now think about what goes out of your home. Simple math tells us that if more is coming in than what is going out then clutter will ensue.

The best way to ensure that clutter won’t begin to creep back up in your home is to assign a home to each and every item that you bring into the home – before you actually bring it in!

We recommend doing this at the point of purchase. This means that when you pick up that Yankee Candle and decide to buy it, ask yourself, “Do I have a place to put this when I get it home?” If the answer is “no,” you’ll have to find the willpower to put it back down. If the answer is “yes” then you can feel good about your purchase and enjoy it!

It’s been said that clutter happens when we delay decisions. We believe that making a decision about where the item will live in your home before it even enters the home is your first line of defense when it comes to Keeping Order in your home.

So in a nutshell, if it doesn’t have a home, don’t let it in. If you let anything into your home without first deciding if you have a place for it, then you’ve already delayed the decision and clutter will ensue inside your home.

You’ve worked hard to reach your 2014 organizational goals, I hope this tip helps you along in your organizing efforts in 2015! Happy New Year!

I want to hear from you!  What are your top organizational goals for 2015?