Tips On How To Get Back Into The Groove After Vacation

Need some tips after a vacation? Here’s how you can deal with the worst parts of returning back to reality post-vacation.

How excited do you get before a vacation begins? You enthusiastically pack your bags, hang up your responsibilities, and escape to a new world where time stops, ocean waves replace traffic horns, and margaritas are served by the glass-full at the beach. 

Then…reality hits.

You might feel this anxiety the last day of your vacation, or maybe on the flight home, or the drive to the airport. “How do I go back to work NOW? After THAT?”

It’s very possible that you are experiencing the “vacation blues”; and from an experienced traveler, trust me, it should be marked as a disease!

We all have felt this sometime or another post vacation, but how can get passed these feelings and transition easily back into the mundane 9-5 lifestyle again? 

Here are some tips on how you can deal to help your post-vacation blues:


1) Unpack Your Suitcase

We are positive that the last thing you want to do after traveling all day is unpack your suitcase. However, if you are anything like me, or any of the other team members at Me In Order, you have already meticulously unpacked and started laundry (we swear we are not crazy! We just like everything to be in its proper place, especially after a long vacation!)

If you want to settle back into home life, don’t let you suitcase lay in a crumpled corner in your room. Unpack everything, separate your clothing into dirty and not dirty piles and put your toiletries back where they belong. Get a load of laundry going, and maybe even throw your sheets in for a wash (there is nothing better than clean sheets in your own bed after a trip!

Not only will you feel a level of productivity, but you will also be inspired to tackle the next tips after a vacation.


2) Empty Your Fridge and Grocery Shop

One thing I pride myself in doing before I leave for vacation is making sure that my fridge is organized. I personally detest coming home to old food and a smelly kitchen!

If you didn’t do this before your vacation, now would be a good time to do so. Go through old food containers, condiments and produce and toss out everything that has expired or is getting ready to expire. You’ll clean out your fridge for new items and avoid the stench of bad food.

Next, go grocery shopping to fill your newly cleaned-out fridge. Buy foods that you love, and maybe even foods that remind you of your trip. Did you enjoy those chicken tacos in Mexico? Find a recipe and try to replicate them! Look for foods that bring you joy and will help you get through the week while still making you feel like vacation mode (although, we do not recommend countless margaritas…maybe just a couple!) 


3) Go through Emails Before Going To The Office

This one might seem tricky; because after an amazing vacation, we all say “we’ll just deal with work-stuff on Monday.”

To avoid any headaches and stress at the office come Monday morning, you can start the day you get back from your trip. As agonizing as this might seem, you will feel better if you rip off the bandaid now, and see what you are walking into on Monday before it happens. 

It doesn’t matter where you work or what job you have; sometimes it’s more difficult to take vacation than not due to the amount of make-up work waiting for you when you get back. By checking your emails now, writing down your to-do list and getting mentally prepared for your first day back to work, you can avoid the back-to-work stress and get organized for a busy week.


4) Get A Good Night’s Sleep 

We know you just lounged on a beach or in a hotel for your vacation, but it’s just as important to rest now. Traveling has an effect on your body, no matter where you have been or how you got home from your trip. After you have accomplished the tasks above, find some time before bed to freshen up; take a long shower, lay out your clothes for the next day, and then go to sleep early. You will wake up refreshed, maybe even with some post-vacation glow and ready to fully tackle the next day.

The post-vacation blues isn’t technically a disease, but it is a feeling where we as humans experience a lack of joy, anxiety, stress, bad moods, and sleeplessness. If you are feeling this way after a trip of a lifetime, Me In Order is here to help! Hiring an Expert Organizer can help you get your home back in order while you focus on getting yourself back in order to tackle the real-world. If you would like more information on how to hire an expert organizer, click here.

We hope these tips cured your vacation blues! If you are in desperate need of a vacation, read our blog about How To Pack For A Trip. 

If you are interested in learning more about how to hire an expert organizer, check out our Ultimate Guide To Hiring An Expert Organizer , or contact us today!



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