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Not to toot my own horn…but I know I am a super organized person. Sometimes though, even I need a refresher. Life can get chaotic with work, activities, bills, friends, family and (you fill yours in here). Sometimes, I get so stressed out that I forgot how to keep myself organized. I always refer to the following steps whenever I need to take a breath and get my organizing back intact.

1. Write Everything Down…No Matter What

My notebook is my lifeline. Whether it is at work or whether I am running errands, I carry my notebook everywhere I go and jot down notes throughout the day.  As humans, we only remember a small percentage of information. By taking down notes, you will have a clear list of the conversation/meeting/discussion you had previously and you will have something to refer to at a later date.

For example, sometimes I get way too excited for the weekend. So much so, that any meetings held after 3pm on Fridays are difficult for me to remember. I am so focused on getting home and enjoying the weekend that I rush out of meetings once they are complete. By making sure I take notes during the meeting, I will know what I need to follow up on once Monday rolls around.

I also use my notebook to create To-Do lists. There is something so satisfying about checking off an item once it is complete. It’s also gratifying at the end of the week to see exactly what you have completed. This really gives me an idea of how much I am getting done in a week’s time and gives me an outline of how I am managing my time. Not only that; but I stay organized because everything is written down, in my notebook, and ready to be tackled.

2. Keep a Calendar Handy

Just like my notebook; my calendar is vital to my organization skills. I work from my iPhone’s calendar, but it is really up to you what product you would like to use to track your commitments.

It’s easy for me to stay organized using my phone simply because I carry my phone everywhere. If a meeting gets scheduled, I can immediately check my phone for any prior arrangements. If a friend wants to meet for coffee, I can check to see if I am available with the swipe of my thumbs. It’s important to have a calendar to stay organized so you don’t overbook yourself, so you can clearly see where you have free time available in your schedule, and also so you know when and where you are supposed to be.

3. Keep Only What You need

Purging your items is a good thing. You would be surprised how little you truly need to live a good life. By keeping only what you need, not only are cutting out the clutter, but you are also allowing yourself to have enough space to give everything you own a home.

Everything should have its own proper place; that is the only way to maintain an organized life. Your clothes have a closet, your dishes have a cupboard, and your papers have a file system. If you keep what you do not need, you allow for the buildup of unwanted items as well as the buildup of clutter.

Once a month, I go through all my drawers, cabinets, file box, and more. I toss out anything I do not need, and I limit myself to only keeping the essentials. How do you know what is essential? Take inventory of what you use on a daily/monthly/yearly basis. For example, if you know you haven’t worn a specific shirt in a few months, you should probably donate it or toss it.

4. Delegate

Here’s the thing…you aren’t a superhero and you can’t tackle it all. This goes both in work life and personal life. By accepting everything and anything that comes your way, you are setting yourself up for failure.

If you are overwhelmed and cannot complete a certain task, it’s important to delegate that task to someone else. This could be as simple as asking your child to empty the dishwasher while you sweep the kitchen floor. Or, it could be assigning a part of a project to a coworker because you know you need to focus on another big part of the project

Delegating will also alleviate stress which could cause you more headache and more disorganization. It’s okay to say no…especially when saying no will allow you to keep your sanity, stay organized, and focus on your big specific task at hand.

I hope these tips help you as much as they help me. If you need any help with organizing your home or your life, reach out to a Me In Order Expert now!



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