5 Intrusive Thoughts That Are Keeping You from Getting Organized

We all have intrusive thoughts that run rampant in our heads, especially when we don’t want to do something. 

The excuses fly back and forth, and the justifications come willingly; it’s just so easy to come up with a reason why we don’t want to tackle a chore, try something new, or start a project. 

We’re only humans, and sometimes we can’t control our minds. However, we can take notice of the thoughts that seem to arise when we are trying to get something done; specifically, getting organized. Once you recognize these thought patterns, you have an opportunity to combat them and tell yourself the positives – you can do this, you are strong enough, and you’ve got this!

Here are five dialogues that are keeping you from getting organized and how to recognize them:


1. “I’ll get to it later” 

This is perhaps the biggest lie we tell ourselves. We say we’ll get to that task “after dinner” or we’ll start that project “once the kids go to school”. The more we seem to push off it appears the more anxiety we willingly create for ourselves. Instead of procrastinating, notice when you have this thought – instead of doing it later, just start. Dedicate five minutes to the task at hand and see how you feel after that. Once you get started, sometimes you realize how easy it is, then you can’t stop. Get to it NOW…not later!


 2. “I need that”

We guarantee you don’t need that new toaster. Your other two work just fine. We can certainly promise the world won’t end if you don’t get that new dress; the ones with tags in your closet will suffice in the meantime. Whenever we say “I need that” we make it known that we cannot go on until we get that item. However, you can, and you will go on…and the great part is, you will survive without it. Limit the use of this phrase and it is less likely to enter your brain when you are browsing or shopping for something unrelated. You don’t NEED…you WANT.


3. “I don’t have time”

We’ve all uttered this one more time than we like to admit. Time is perspective; instead of saying you don’t have time, look at the things you are spending time on and evaluate if you are spending that time accurately. There might be 2-3 hours of Facebook browsing that you can cut back on to make time. Or maybe you can get up an extra hour a day to make things happen. The truth is you have time, and you should spend it on the things that matter. So, take some inventory of where your time is currently dedicated and if it supports the lifestyle you want. You have the time because time is relative and up to us!


4. “I’ll always be this way”

Limiting beliefs will keep you from making the change you so desperately seek. If you give yourself permission to change, you will do so. Stating that “you will always be a certain way” pigeonholes yourself into thinking you could ever reach your goals. Get rid of that negative thought and tell yourself that you are open to advancement, and you are willing to make the changes necessary to reach your goals. Open yourself up to going with the flow instead of staying stagnant and you’ll be surprised by the world of opportunities that arise with this decision.


5. “I wish I had more space”

Here’s the thing – even if you had more space, you would just fill it up! The issue isn’t your space, the issue is your thoughts telling you that you can’t make the most of what you had. It’s like when you wish for more money; you dream of it, you finally get it, and then what do you do? You spend it. You don’t save it and you don’t invest it. You don’t make the most of it. If you were granted more space, you still wouldn’t use it effectively. You have the space to make a difference; all you need is to reorganize that space (and your thoughts!)

You CAN live an organized, clutter-free life – but it’s up to you to make that choice. By changing your mindset, recognizing intrusive thoughts, and rewiring your thought process, you have the power to move forward with changing your life.

If you work hard at it, soon enough, you’ll be able to fight those negative voices and get on the right track to making a huge change in your life! And the best part? Me In Order can help you work to unlearn these speedbumps known as intrusive thoughts.

Me In Order is here to guide you in any way you need to start your organizing project. If you are interested in learning more about how to hire an expert organizer, check out our Ultimate Guide To Hiring An Expert Organizer, or contact us today!



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