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It is way too hot in Florida during the summer. Days are longer, the air is stickier. Sometimes in summer it’s hard to stay focused and get stuff done. With such a beautiful, palm tree-packed sky, the last thing you want to do is stay inside all day and clean out your closet. But I’m telling you…it’s about that time to do so.

We’ve heard of Spring cleaning, but Summer cleaning should really have its own mantra. “Declutter for Summer” is at the top of my to-do list this week and I’m going to help you get it to the top of yours. Here are some tips to get the ball rolling and get you organized for this summer break.

1.   First things first; tidy up your room

I have learned that the only way I can tackle a closet is if I start with my room first. Make your bed, vacuum, wipe down your furniture. I promise it will clear your head and help you tackle the big monster known as your closet.


2.   Next step: take everything out of your closet

This is why your room should be clean before you start; because you’re about to make it 10x messier! Take out EVERYTHING and start separating it into piles like the following:

o   Keep

o   Donate

o   Sell

o   Throw Away


3.   Decisions, Decisions

Make sure you have trash bags handy; you’ll be surprised by what you’ve acquired over the months. While you’re separating your belongings, ask yourself the following questions:    

  • Do I wear this anymore?
  • Does this have any real significance to me?
  • What will I feel like if I give this away?
  • Is there someone else who could use this more than me?

Once you have answered these crucial questions, it will become more clear what you need vs. what you don’t need. By purging these items and donating them to people in true need, you will experience a euphoric sense of accomplishment which will empower you to keep on decluttering!

Examples of items that can be purged:

     Old winter clothes

  • If you don’t want to give away all your winter clothes, just shift them to another location. Try placing them in a bin, label it “Winter Clothes”, and move to the back of your closet

      Smelly, unworn shoes

  • Do you really need those pair of $10 flats that you’ve been wearing for three years now? Think of all the nastiness that’s built up! Toss them.

     Concert/Fundraiser Tees

  • Trust me, you don’t need that stack of 10th grade youth group t-shirts. Pass them on to someone who does.

      Unused Handbags

  • If you’re anything like me, I have a total of three bags that I use weekly; my work bag, my night out bag, and my beach bag. There is no need for a million bags; all they do is take up space. There is an opportunity here to sell your unused handbags instead of letting them collect dust in your closet. Stores like Plato’s Closet will actually purchase your gently used purses and bags. So if you can find it in your heart to part with your 90s cheetah-print clutch, try this!


  • Toss these in a drawer. I created a designated “Accessories” drawer in my nightstand for items such as scarfs and hats to live. That way, I know exactly where they are when I need them (and let’s be real, I doubt you will need a scarf in this summer heat!)

Summer is a time for fun but it’s also a time to get things done. You have the time now, so don’t waste it. Tackle that big closet-beast with these steps and don’t forget that amazing feeling you will get after you’re done. The feeling of accomplishment is the feeling you want this summer. That, and a margarita by the pool. But you can treat yourself to one after you’ve decluttered for summer!



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  1. Lee Rich

    Filled with helpful info. Why don’t you come clean out my closet?

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