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Trying to improve your memory? Read on for a fun and easy way to do so now…

“AIM” is a fun and easy way to improve your memory.

When it comes to organizing, we need to focus and remember things in order to be able to sort, toss, donate or give new homes to things. Our memory is crucial here due to the fact that we are dealing with a lot of things at once. When making decisions and moving things around it’s likely that the items will be put away in a different location, making it difficult for us to remember a few days or weeks later as to their whereabouts.
Trying to improve our memory is crucial when we are organizing and to be honest in any aspect of our lives.

A = Attention:
Paying Attention is crucial when we are organizing for the simple reason that we want to make our space more functional and practical as well as having our things handy and ready to go when we need them. When I say, attention I mean being in the present, focusing our mind and thoughts to that specific area we are dealing with at the moment. For example, if we are working in our closet pay attention to the color of the clothing, styles, textures, lengths etc. Do they need to be folded? Hung? How much space do I have? Do I need to buy containers, hangers? etc.

I = Imagination:
When we are organizing, Imagination is key, due to the fact that we have to come up with and end result even before there is one. What I mean by it, is that just by looking at the things in a specific area that we are working on, we need to use our imagination and start creating a new picture in our minds as where we are going to place the items, are we color coding? Are we using containers or Baskets? Am I placing the things to the left, or right? Etc. You get the idea….
It is the beginning of us becoming artists, designers and creators of a wonderful new and refreshed area in our home.

M = Memory:
As Dr. Kerry Miller states, there are several ways to launch triggers that are relevant to each individual and pertaining to a specific scenario. She refers to it as “LACES” which is the framework to remembering things.

L      “LOCATION” which is associated with a survival skill, paying attention as where is it located, at the top, bottom, inside, outside etc.

A      “ASSOCIATION” which is simply an anchor that we use to recollect our memories, such as heavy, light, dark, light, fluffy etc.

C      “CONTEXT” it is an experience that entitle the 5 W’s (why, where, when, who, what) Who was there? When did it happen? Why do I need to do this? etc.

E      “EMOTION” it is as simple as injecting an emotion to a situation that makes sense to you. It could be funny, scary, gross, impossible, romantic, sad etc. It can be a connection to our values either emotional or psychological.

S      “SENSORY” needs to be tied to our sensory system and added to our mental imagery

Visual ~ creating vivid images
Auditory ~ songs, pleasant music, conversation
Touch ~ kinesthetic the feeling of things
Movement ~slow, fast, around, up down
Smell~ related to scent and aroma, sweet, sour, bitter, pleasant, gross

There you have it! Remembering something is as simple as “AIM” Attention + Imagination = Memory.

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