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If you are in the process of moving, you know it can be expensive, even if you are just moving around the corner. Though some costs of moving are inevitable, there are some things you can do to help keep the cost down and it’s as simple as clearing out your clutter.

It is never too early to start going through your things and deciding if you will want them in your new home. A new home is a great place to start fresh, and if you are frustrated with your current space why would you keep everything the same in your new space? Start by looking around at the things that are in your current space. This includes furniture, decorations, accessories and clutter. If you don’t like a certain thing in your space, maybe it’s time to let it go.  You want to surround yourself with things that you like to look at and that bring you joy. Why are you lugging this thing you hate from house to house?

Once you have decided on the items that are visible in your home, start looking through each closet, cabinet and drawer. This may sound like a daunting task, but try creating a timeline for yourself and tackle a few of these spaces each day. Breaking up the work will also help if you are trying to do this after a long day because we are only able to make a certain number of decisions each day. Make sure you look through each space, especially if it is a space you don’t look at often.

As you sort through these spaces have a bag for trash, a box for donation and, if you have the time, a box for selling. Though it may seem like a good idea to sell items, be realistic about your timeline. If you don’t think you will be able to sell the item before you move, make sure it is worth moving to try and sell from your new space. If not, it may be time to donate it.  As you are looking through each space be honest with yourself.

Some questions to consider when sorting through these spaces are:

  1. Did I know I had this?
  2. How many times have I used this since I got it?
  3. Do I love this?
  4. Do I want this in my new space?
  5. Do I have room/a use for this in my new space?
  6. Why am I holding on to this?

Whether you are packing yourself or hiring a moving company, packing gets hectic and can easily become unorganized. Movers are notorious for packing everything, and we mean everything, from trash to full ash trays.  Making sure the items you no longer want are out of the home will help to make the packing and unpacking process easier.

So how will this pre-move sweep help you save money on your move?

  1. Space in the truck- If you are moving yourself, the size truck you need will impact the cost. You will be surprised how many bags of trash you might find around your home. Do you really want to pay to move trash?
  2. Weight of truck- Many movers charge by weight or volume of your items. The more you reduce before you move the less the cost of the moving company.
  3. Number of boxes needed- though the cost of boxes is not a huge expense, the moving materials cost can add up quickly.
  4. Time- packing and unpacking boxes takes time. The less you have packed the less you have to unpack.

This process is what we call our Declutter and Discard service. Though it may seem like an easy process it just takes commitment and time to complete it. Moving can be overwhelming and adding this to your list of things to do may seem impossible but in the end it will help your move run more smoothly.

Happy Moving!


By Meredith Sopko

Meredith is a marketing professional and Expert Organizer with expertise in social media and e-communications. When she’s not organizing or on social media, she is at the beach or watching reality TV and drinking wine.


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