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It’s that time of the month yet again to honor one of our shining stars in the Me In Order community! As the craziness of the year continues, it’s always important to stay positive, grounded, and grateful for the people who continue to make incredible strides.

Maggie, a newer​​ Certified Expert Organizer® has been a ray of sunshine during these dark times. We truly appreciate the hard work, dedication, and positivity she continues to bring to the organizing community. We need more Maggie’s in the industry! Join us in congratulating Maggie on being the Me In Order Organizer of the Month!


Q1) What inspired you to become an Expert Organizer?

Maggie: The love of organizing! It seems like such a simple answer but that’s really it. I would find mini projects around the house and help friends with areas in their homes. I wanted to find a way to do it on a larger scale alongside people who also love organizing.


Q2) What is your favorite part of being in the Me In Order community?

Maggie: I’ve met the sweetest people! I love the encouragement and support that are so very prevalent among the MIO community.


Q3) Describe your day as an organizer

Maggie: Every day is so different! Not one client or space is the same. But how I treat every client and their situation is the same – with the utmost respect and sensitivity. So, I go in and do the best work I can and hope that every time I leave, they’re a little more at peace in their home.


Q4) If there was one piece of advice you could offer someone who wanted to become a professional organizer, what would it be?

Maggie: Become familiar with popular & and practical organizing tools.


Q5) What are you looking forward to most in your future as an organizer?

Maggie: Learning more tricks of the trade! And continuing to meet really awesome people.

Cheers to you, Maggie for being an incredible Expert Organizer! We truly love having you on our team and we look forward to seeing you continue to grow! Want to know more about Certified Expert Organizer® Maggie? Click here to get to know Maggie and schedule a consultation today!



Certified Expert Organizer®


  1. Joyce Woodward

    Congratulations, Maggie. You have helped me when no one else could. You put all my clothes in labeled see through containers in my closet. Organized my paperwork & files, my kitchen, bedroom closets & bathrooms. And suggested items that would help me to declutter my apartment. We are still working on decluttering. Also, what to keep and what to let go of. It’s been my pleasure to have a bright, sweet, energetic gal like you to make organizing fun.

  2. Natalie Rich

    Thanks for the kind note Joyce!

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