6 Unorganized Things Professional Organizers Have In Their Home

As professional organizers, we are usually down for anything. 

We gladly take on any challenge, new adventure, and opportunity with ease and excitement. Give us a cluttered garage, and we will make do. Hand us a basket of mis-matched wires, and we will make sure they are uncoiled and separated by technology type. Put us in a closet and we will emerge with a color-coded strategy in our wake.

While we gladly embrace any organizing challenge, we rarely ever take our work home with us. If you take a look into any organizer’s space you won’t find the many things that might be in any regular home. We practice what we preach, and that includes a clutter-free lifestyle at home! 

However, while we practice a clutter-free strategy, we also have some items that you might be surprised to learn we have. Here are 6 unorganized things professional organizers have in their home:


1. Excess Keys


“I have keys, but they’re a decorating aesthetic that I love!” – Melissa, Certified Expert Organizer®

While we rarely hold onto unused or unorganized items, we always find work arounds if need-be! Our professional organizer Melissa incorporated her old keys into a decorative component within her home. Design friendly, and cost effective, while still making old items work within her home!


2. Donation  Items 


“I have a small basket of pending items to sell on eBay in my room.”  –  Vanessa, Certified Expert Organizer®

When it comes to donation bags, we rarely hold on to anything that we can’t donate immediately. However, sometimes we keep clean little piles of items left to sell, discard, or donate. This pile is small and tidy…just like everything else in our home!


3. File Cabinets


“I have file cabinets that are left in the house and one that is actually full.” – Melissa, Certified Expert Organizer®

Melissa makes use of her file cabinets with her paperwork and important items. While some may stuff their paperwork and forget about the unorganized items later, Melissa uses her file cabinets for good. Her paperwork is organized in the perfect way to make her items easily accessible for her and her family.


4. Appliance Manuals


“I have appliance manuals, but they are all alphabetized!” – Melissa, Certified Expert Organizer®

If you have a need for your appliance manuals, make sure to keep them and store them properly for later use. Crumbling old papers into a drawer and forgetting about them later is not an effective way to hold on to these documents. Melissa keeps her appliance manuals neat, orderly, and easy to find.


5. Old Medicine Bottles


“I toss out all my old medicine bottles and instead keep my pills in little pill boxes in my bathroom cabinet!” – Natalie, Marketing Leader

We will always consolidate and discard items that we no longer use. Old medicine bottles have got to go in our home. We rarely hold onto expired medicine or empty bottles. We might keep weekly pill holders, but other than that, the medicine bottles get tossed.


6. Overflowing Recycling Bin


“An overflowing recycling bin but it’s kept in a closet. I rely on someone else to take it out and let’s say he’s not so good at it…teenagers!” – Kelly, Certified Expert Organizer®

Everyone has recyclables! Kelly just keeps hers in a closet and out of sight. Thankfully, with the (almost!) help from her family, she is able to avoid the items piling up and causing a mess. 

While we strive to be organized daily, we aren’t perfect! We have just found ways to erase clutter and unorganized items from our lives (kinda!) to benefit ourselves, our families, and our space. 

Me In Order is here to guide you in any way you need to start your organizing project. If you are interested in learning more about virtual organizing and how to hire an expert organizer, check out our Ultimate Guide To Hiring An Expert Organizer , or contact us today!



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