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Be Prepared

Be prepared for the unexpected!

It seems as though each week there is a new catastrophe coming right at us.

From a global pandemic to natural disasters, to simply not knowing what is going to occur next, we all have grown weary and unrecognizable over the past year.

While nothing has quite prepared us for a time like this, we can be comforted in knowing that we have made it through. We are continuing to forge on through the unknown, and we do so with our head up high and a smile; because you genuinely don’t know what could happen next. 

At Me In Order, we don’t have all the answers, but we do have some helpful tips to get organized and be prepared for the unexpected. If that may sound contradictory, it’s okay – life has been a little contradictory at this time, but at least we can take charge by getting organized and thinking ahead!

Here’s how you can get organized for the months to come:


1. Get Your Insurance In Order

Before you batten down the hatches and invest in a bunker, make sure you have yourself, your family, and your home covered. Living in Florida, we are prone to the madness and destruction of hurricane season. It’s essential to make sure our homeowner’s insurance is just as adequate as your health insurance and car insurance. Review your current plans, evaluate your options, and talk to your company about your benefits. Having insurance is like having a safety net; it will catch you when and if you happen to fall.


2. Start To Stock Up

Over the course of the year, it became evident which food and nonperishable items were the most important. Now that things have somewhat subsided and grocery stores are restocked take this opportunity to work on your stash. Don’t go crazy and overload on items (other people have needs too, you know) but grab an extra bundle of paper towels on your weekly grocery run, and maybe invest in a Costco membership for bulk items. Start grabbing what you can here and there, and you will be surprised how much your emergency stash grows. 


3. Organize Your Important Documents

Take the time to go through your necessary paperwork and documents. Make sure you have a way to find what you need when you need it. It’s essential to know precisely where birth certificates, passports, social security cards, deeds, etc. are prepared for the unexpected. Invest in a professional organizer from Me In Order to help you come up with a paperwork system that truly works for you. This includes sorting, filing, and condensing your documents into a workable place to access your items if need be. The more organized you are with your paperwork, the better the outcome if, by chance, you need to find a specific file. 


4. Make Sure Your Finances Are In Order

Make sure you keep an itemized record of your finances. This includes login credentials, passwords, and security codes if/when you ever need to access your financial information. Communicate with your significant other or a trusted family member where they can find the information if need be and make sure you also keep this information in a safe place. 

Use this time also to start focusing on your savings account. Much like we learned at the start of COVID-19, you genuinely don’t know what could happen with your job or finances. Make sure you have a nice nest egg to help if you happen to find yourself without work. An emergency fund assists with any and all unprecedented situations, whether it be a flat tire or another global pandemic. 


5. Know Who To Lean On

Times have been tough, but the most important way to prepare yourself for the unexpected is to know who to lean on. Your family members, friends, and community are of the utmost importance when going through difficult times, so make sure you know who has your back. Trust that you have a solid foundation to turn to if you find yourself in an uncertain time. 

Getting organized with physical items is just as important as being prepared for your emotions. When you are going through something unforeseen, you need to have some people in your corner to get you through, or even just land you a helping hand.

While no one expected this year to occur the way it has, we can all be comforted in the fact that we now know what we need to do if/when there is a next time. Everything we go through in life is a learning experience; so, use these last few months to help you learn for the next undetermined event. This time, you’ll be prepared for it.

Me In Order is here to guide you in any way you need to start your organizing project. If you are interested in learning more about virtual organizing and how to hire an expert organizer, check out our Ultimate Guide To Hiring An Expert Organizer, or contact us today!





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