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At Me In Order, we have a passion for order;  but sometimes, it gets difficult to remain organized even during a busy season like this one. With the holidays quickly approaching, we are bound to get more and more inundated with activities, projects and items to add to our to do list. 

Our new monthly series “What To Get Rid Of Right Now” will give you tips and tricks to tackling your home, room by room and removing items that you no longer need. Our goal is to help you slowly but surely get organized and stay organized you get busier and busier. 

Here are 5 easy things you need to get rid of ASAP to help organize your kitchen:


1) Menus 

Do we really need old paper menus? With the Internet at our fingertips, we have access to restaurant menus within seconds. Even with cell phone app delivery services, we have the opportunity to find what we need (and even get it delivered straight to us!) Toss out those old paper menus that have probably been shoved into a drawer and have not seen the light of day in months.


2) Cutlery 

Speaking of ordering delivery, we all somehow feel the need to keep plastic cutlery, soy sauce packets, napkins, mini salt and pepper packets and more. Some restaurants are now offering the opportunity to opt out of plastic cutlery in an effort to help the environment. Our opinion: do this! Organize your kitchen by going through your cutlery stash and toss out anything you will not seriously use within the next month. Who wants year old ketchup (even if it doesn’t go bad…it’s still gross!)


3) That One Dish Towel 

We all have that one dish towel that we can’t seem to part ways with. We use this dish towel to dry dishes, clean up messes, wipe our hands, etc. and we use it daily. Toss that dish towel and opt for a brand new one. If you have other dish towels that you use frequently, do an inventory; do you really need ten kitchen dish towels? Find a few that work and cycle them out regularly to avoid germs and organize your kitchen.


4) Tupperware

Mismatched Tupperware always has a space in any home. Why we hold on to old containers, I’ll never know! Go through your Tupperware stash and toss out any old containers, missing pieces, or even damage pieces. We promise; you don’t need these items. Some discount stores also sell Tupperware in bulk for decent pricing, so if your Tupperware stash is really suffering, you can start from scratch!


 5) Old food 

This one might be challenging; since somehow every time we go grocery shopping, our food goes bad two days later. By regularly going through your fridge and pantry and tossing out expired food, you will not become subject to having an overstuffed, and (not to mention) smelly kitchen. Personally, I clean out my fridge every time I go grocery shopping. Before I even start unpacking my bags from the grocery store, I take inventory of my items and toss out anything I have not eaten, or anything I know I am not going to eat. This keeps my fridge and pantry nice, organized, clean (and ready for more food!)

We hope these tips help you organize your kitchen this month! Me In Order is here to help you in any way you need to start your organizing project. If you are interested in learning more about how to hire an expert organizer, check out our Ultimate Guide To Hiring An Expert Organizer , or contact us today!




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